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Microsoft Songsmith

The researchers at Microsoft decided to make a product that was designed to bring the songwriter in all of us called Microsoft Songsmith. However the product does not really seem as innovative because its basically twelve or so basic background music patterns designed to start and end with your singing no matter how long you want to sing. The background music is not really modifiable based on the notes that you sing in the product.

I would love a Garage Band type product for the Windows operating system. However think of Microsoft Songsmith as more of a Wii Music type of product. If you have a creative young member in your household consider buying a copy where he or she can sing witty songs. Songsmith is not complicated, but is more of a toy than a useful application. I did make a few compositions with this product, but it sounded like amateur hour at the karaoke bar instead.

If you want to make a successful song, try to storyboard it when you have your lyrics written. Because if you sing or recite your lyrics they can end up running quicker than you might expect them to be. Add some hand clapping or some rhythm instruments while you sing so you can have a break between verses. Most great popular music tunes usually last for three minutes so make them go for around that time. However it seemed most of my tunes lasted less than one minute like the Songsmith advertisements on Youtube.

Resale rights of used product, should content providers get a cut?

Game companies who make software for the personal computers to video game consoles such as the Playstation 3 are becoming jealous of the growing used games market. Producers are worried that the growing used games market with Gamestop, the leading video game chain making most of their profit over used games instead of new games and they want to get a cut of this revenue.

It may be upsetting that a company may spend millions to produce a product such as Kane and Lynch, finding out that online video game journalists and hundreds of customers on forums telling the world that your game may be a piece of crap. However when video games are reaching the price of 59.99 as the regular selling price its quite hard for many people these days to afford a regular purchase of their new releases. Used product helps people pay for the new product these publishers make and helps get people introduced to older versions of classics such as Mega Man or Madden.

Even though Gamestop makes big money from used product they are actually helping to keep the new games market alive. Depressing customers by asking those who bought the game used to pay extra money for content is only going to piss off customers like adding securerom to Spore.

Use focus groups, make the game a quality product where the producers can be proud of what they have made. Make the game worthwhile that people will not be wanting to trade it in. Burnout Paradise’s developers have added extra features to make the game worth playing as time goes on. Follow examples that other companies have made and maybe the used game market will no longer be an excuse to cover up for companies making shovel ware and crap failed big releases.

Wii the overstatement

I took the gamble for buying a Nintendo Wii, the irony is people are flocking the stores to pick it up and there is no worthy high quality games to go invest your money in until this fall. Right now Twilight Princess, Paper Mario and Excite Truck are the three games worth owning now.

I should of used my original judgment and waited until there was 10 good reasons to own the console. Virtual Console is great, but it has some flaws with how Nintendo uses digital rights management to deal with the downloads and the selection of games avaliable is somewhat lacking now. I would like to see games like Secret of Mana, Earthbound and Vegas Stakes to appear on the Virtual Console.

Right now, the Wii is just an enhanced Gamecube with slightly enhanced processors and graphics. I do understand gameplay helps make the Wii’s games standout from those released for the 360 and PS3, but most of the third party Wii games stink.

I wish I did not shell out the 270 dollars to pick up this system, probably the Xbox 360 would of been my system of choice. However, Microsoft is just unreliable in hardware as in software with the red ring of death and the system’s laser scratching discs.

Returning to T-Mobile

I decided to go for broke by extending my T-Mobile contract until March 30, 2009. I was pondering switching to Sprint for the Motorola Q, but realizing they were going to jack up their data plan price the next month from 15 to 25 dollars. I decided to come back home.

Fnding out that I could keep my existing phone plan eased my worries about replacing my Motorola V180 phone I had since December 2004.

I finally got one thing I have been eagerly awaiting in a mobile phone. A camera. I have worked on practicing my photography and I hope to share some photos on my personal photo gallery website and this blog included.

Since my phone is new I decided to outfit it with some extras. I wanted ring tones from my favorite musical acts, but T-Mobile’s selection was limited. I had to run Audacity and edit a 15 second segment of a tune for my special ring tone that I would have to pay $2.49 for.

If I needed to buy something off T-mobile to make further use of my new Razr V3T Id more likely buy a game of Pac-Man. The included games that were offered in the phone were severely lacking. I know phone makers are talking about convergence, but that is probably a few years away. I will still be carrying a Nintendo DS and a IPOD for a long time.

BBS Culture

Shameless plug alert ahead my readers, I have decided to advertise something that has been apart of my existance for the last decade. I have operated a Bulletin Board System called The Parallel and it has been a big part of youth online culture in my local community until the internet became dominant in 1999.

Before the internet’s boom people frequented the BBS, a place where people could read messages, download files and play online games. Even though you can do these things on the internet proper, the BBS still remains a micro-community on the Internet.

I do cary Fidonet and Dovenet with hundreds of networked messages.

I have a decent selection of online games. They may not be World of Warcraft, but people are still indeed captivated to the minimalist form of Legend of the Red Dragon and Barron Realms Elite.

You can visit the site today and make an account and visit now if you want and visit from your web browser.
Visit the message bases and file libraries from the http interface.

You dont need to use QModem or Telix to visit my BBS the old fashioned way. You can telnet in. Install SyncTerm
and add The Parallel to your dialing directory. SyncTerm is not a WindowsXP only program, it is compiled for various operating systems from OS X for your Macintosh, the BSD’s and Linux too.

The Parallel BBS is awaiting you.