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Congressional District 31

Yes I am a moderate leaning member of the Republican Party and I am supporting Paul Chabot. Some in the establishment may think Chabot is a crazy lunatic, but compared to the other candidates running Chabot is the best candidate we have running right now.

If Joe Baca started to run earlier instead at the last minute I might of been supporting him instead, but Baca starting in March instead of January did hurt him. I think Joe Baca is more known and established and has voted more than part time politico Sean Flynn where the moderates should of backed him instead.

When people run for office people do look into your history such as your political donations. Back in January I was looking into if there was an alternative to Paul Chabot and I was intrigued by Sean Flynn. I wanted to know what candidates he backed so I looked into the campaign finance records and I was wondering if he supported far right politicians like Louis Gohmert or moderates like Mark Kirk. Instead I found out he donates 80% of the time to Democrats, but if one is a registered Republican he should of put his money into people like Mark Kirk. If Flynn is almost exclusively a Democratic Party donor then he should reconsider his partisan affiliation and become a member of the Democratic Party.

It is ironic that Dianne Harkey, San Bernardino Young Republicans and their friends are backing Flynn. They would just be as livid if someone was running for congress or state senate in their area and they were funding their opponents. Flynn did back an affordable care act supporter as late as 2014 and now he is attacking the affordable care act now what made him change his mind after he invested almost 8000 bucks to Senator Gary Peters (D-MI)? Establishment activists should of vetted their choices.

I find this personally offensive when a school board candidate wanted the county party endorsement and then one of its endorsement committee members found out that he endorsed my opponent in the 2014 general election. Why ask for the Republican Party endorsement when you have backed Democrats in partisan races?

The problem is Sean Flynn has barely voted. Even the mayor of Ontario Paul Leon got attacked by the Democrats for his lack of voting record where his voting history was spotty when he ran for the open seat in Assembly District 52.

Paul Chabot has served the community and is not afraid to go in neighborhoods that Republicans rarely visit. He wants to make sure the neighborhoods in San Bernardino are safe and small businesses in Rancho Cuccamonga are protected and treated with respect just as much as big established companies like Lewis Development. If you want immigration reform and the Second Amendment defended Chabot is your man.

I may not be comfortable with Chabot’s policy positions such as foreign policy and his love of the drug war, but he is a man of bold colors as what Ronald Reagan alluded to in the past.

Ignore the Flyer for District 4 Central Committee

Yes, you may have gotten a flyer from a PAC ran by Charles Munger Jr.  stating that these individuals may be good picks for central committee in San Bernardino County’s 4th Supervisor

Picks chosen by Charles Munger Jr's political action committee.
Picks chosen by Charles Munger Jr’s political action committee.

District. However I have an issue with one of those members on this slate mailer, DO NOT vote for Steve Davey, he has had a horrific attendance record in 2015.  If you want a conservative member to represent you, there are other quality individuals you can consider such as Ben Lopez or Earl DeVries.

If people do not regularly attend central committee meetings they should not be running for central committee. I am not against conservative people representing my county party, but people need to be active participants and Ben Lopez has done more for the county party than Steve Davey has ever done.

UPDATE: Steve Davey failed to show up for the May meeting.



Primary Election 2016 Recommendations

This list will be updated occasionally until the primary in June.

Federal Offices

Congressional District 8: Tim Donnelly

Congressional District 27: Jack Orswell

Congressional District 31: Paul Chabot

Congressional District 35: Tyler Fischella


San Bernardino County Board Of Supervisors

Supervisor District 1: Paul Russ

Supervisor District 3: Donna Munoz

State Assembly 

Assembly District 40: Marc Steinorth

Assembly District 41: Casey Higgins

Assembly District 52: WRITE IN Toni Hollie

Assembly District 55: Mike Spence

State Senate

Senate District 25: Mike Antonovich

Republican Central Committee

Look at the recommendations from the Chino Tea Party or the Redlands Tea Party group for ideas.

Ballot Measures

Proposition 50: NO

The California Federation of Republican Women have something to say about it.

You will find one ballot measure on the June Primary Ballot- Prop 50. The CFRW recommends a “NO” on Prop 50! This proposition is titled, “Suspension of Legislators”, so many voters will think that this is a good measure protecting them from bad legislators. This bill was authored by Senator Darrell Steinberg in the wake of three Democrat Senators being either indicted or convicted of multiple felonies last legislative session. All three Senators were suspended with pay during the ordeal. At the time, Senator Steinberg was Senate President Pro Tem and attempted to save face with this proposed ballot measure. But Prop 50 does nothing to protect constituents, instead it perpetuates the culture of corruption by not allowing the legislature to expel indicted or convicted felons, but instead suspend them with or without pay. Californians deserve better. Prop 50 is also written so that members of the majority of the legislature could suspend a col-league just for disagreeing over legislation. This is potentially dangerous and unethical. The CFRW does not agree with this smoke and mirrors measure.
Read More At:



Open Letter to Sean Flynn

It is good that people are running for office, I wanted to support you in the primary. However when I dug deep in your political contribution history I got disgusted. I do look in what type of candidates one supports to get an indication of how a candidate would lean on the issues of the day. When I found out you donated 75% of your donations to Democrats, that gave me a red flag for you. Its ironic when you talk about ending the “Affordable” Care Act, but you ended up giving 10k to one of its major proponents Senator Gary Peters in the past.

I want to support someone different than Paul Chabot, but I ended up endorsing Paul Chabot for the primary. I may disagree with Chabot on LGBT issues and his foreign policy positions. However I can agree with Chabot on immigration, the second amendment and making sure taxpayer money is not used to pay for abortions or suicide drugs.

If you are indeed evolving or indeed moving to conservative and or libertarian oriented positions I do indeed want to welcome you into the party. I know you may have a lot of progressive friends in your past, but I hope you can grow in the future where you can have an equal amount of both groups of supporters. You may have potential as a State Assemblyman for District 41 in the future. Or Congressional District 31 in 4-6 years.

I hope to see some investment in the future. Perhaps give some aid to Grow Elect which helps to bring Latino Republicans in local and state office. Build your investment in the party and help make a difference either if you are the nominee, congressman or simply private citizen out of the campaign.

If you do pull an upset, I will be happy to do what I can for you. I gave Paul Chabot the same offer when he beat the establishment candidate in 2014.

Endorse Chabot NOT Flynn SBGOP

Sean Flynn’s Democratic Party Donations

Date Amount Candidate
10/14/08 500 Gary Peters
7/28/09 1000 Gary Peters
6/29/10 500 John Callahan
8/30/10 250 Gary Peters
12/29/11 1000 Gary Peters
5/15/13 1000 Gary Peters
9/25/13 1650 Gary Peters
6/26/14 2500 Gary Peters

Information was found via the FEC website.

To be honest Sean did donate 1000 to Romney on 10/24/12, he still donated 5150 to Democrat Gary Peters of Michigan after that donation.

It seems odd that a candidate who wants to run for the Republican Party gave money to a candidate that has many of the same policies as the guy he wants to take over in congress. Gary Peters is just as progressive as Pete Aguilar.

I welcome people switching to the Republican Party such as former congressman Joe Baca, but transition in smoothly. Start by donating to some candidates. Even a moderate like Flynn could find some affinity with Senators Rob Portman or Lisa Murkowski. Or get to know the party activists a year before you run for office.

San Bernardino County Republican Party should NOT endorse Sean Flynn. We need an actual Republican who has a consistent message and has been active in our party with Paul Chabot.

Gold Line Extention for Ontario

I have been using public transportation for almost twenty years in the Inland Valley and beyond. I previously have been skeptical about the SBX project and not a big fan of the Rail to Redlands project. However the Gold Line extention project has some cards up its sleeve to do better things than the other two projects.

People can easily reach Ontario Airport instead of taking a taxi, park their vehichle for several days or have someone drop them off. People can reach Pasadena, Azuza Pacific University, Union Station, China Town and East Los Angeles.

The only issue is funding. San Bernardino County officials are stating that this is a pet project for the San Gabriel Valley people in Los Angeles County and why should San Bernardino County people pay for this back in 2014 in a San Gabriel Valley Tribune article which the executive director of SANBAG stated that.

Los Angeles County residents and shoppers do pay an extra cent sales tax to pay for projects such as the Gold Line. However since the Gold Line is not entirely in San Bernardino County, perhaps a fourth of a cent increase would be added to fund Omnitrans and the San Bernardino County portions of the Gold Line. To protect taxpayers, there would be a provision that increases in the sales tax would have to go to the voters.

Another option is to add a small surcharge to airline tickets. Fifty cents for flights under 200 dollars, and 1 dollar for flights over 200 dollars.

State and federal funding would also be critical for a project like this to break ground in the next decade as well. Most people would rather see local light rail over the bullet train boondoogle if we had to choose a transportation project to fund.

Personally I would rather see the Gold Line extention over toll roads.

General Plan Reform Act

Maybe it should be time for the people of San Bernardino County to show some teeth at their city councils.

This is a potential county ballot measure I would like to see implemented.

The General Plan Reform Act

1. Mixed zoning changes do require the consent of surrounding property owners by buying permission by paying 1/10th the property value to the property owner of the said parcel to the left and right of the development. This helps to compensate for potential property value loss.

2. Zoning change elections cannot be done in a separate election, they must be done in a consolidated election such as November in the odd year, or primary or general in the even years.

3. General plans must be voted on by 55% of the voters of the city in an even year regularly scheduled election in November.

4. Cities or counties cannot spend more than half of one percent of their yearly budget to pay for general plan consultants if other departments and services were cut more than 3 percent in the last three years.

We should work together to filter this out and see if the idea could come to fruition.

Working Class Advocate, I Guess Not Leyva

As someone who ran against Sen. Leyva I am not a big fan of her advocacy to unseat people such as Assemblywoman Brown who helped to defeat SB 350 which will make it more expensive for working families to go to work and do their daily errands. As a member of the working class I wish she realized how each dollar and cent adds up to a family budget.

California can no longer be the state for just the very rich and the very poor. We need a middle class and a vibrant cadre of small businesses to make California golden. If we want to pay for the extended public services that Leyva and her allies want, we have to have the employers to hire the people that pay those taxes.

Even though gasoline is at an all-time low, we still pay the highest gasoline prices in the nation. We should not price out people from driving and being able to function in society. Even though SB 350 was defeated, it may come back again.

No Tears for Moderate Democrats

I don’t have any tears for the plight of Cheryl Brown being opposed by progressives in the Democratic Party (Re: Democrats vs. Democrats: Assembly moderates face challenges) on Jan 12 in the Sacramento Bee. I would love to see more ‘moderate’ Democrats in our legislature, but finding a moderate in the caucus is like finding a unicorn in a forest.

Her Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Score is 23.6 percent and she lent her name to a regional government agency to retrofit freeways we already paid for to add toll roads on I-10 and I-15 in Southern California. If Assemblywoman Brown was not a supporter of toll roads and had a score around 40-50 as a Democrat with the Howard Jarvis scorecard, then she would deserve to be spared for another term.

Republicans should run their own candidate in her district so Brown cannot survive solely on their votes as how she was spared by them in two elections.

Some Wisdom from Austin Petersen

People say that if you’re a male, you shouldn’t have an opinion on abortion. That logic doesn’t hold up of course, because weenie liberals don’t have guns, but they sure have a lot of opinions on how other people shouldn’t own them. Except for cops of course. Only cops should have guns, even though liberals think all cops are evil, white racists because ‪#‎liberallogic‬

Austin Petersen (commentator and candidate for President)