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Your Bank, Your Money

If you bank with Downey Savings or Pomona First Federal, you have a new bank holding your accounts now. US Bank, a leading national bank is now taking these accounts. Similar rules follow with the takeovers of these banks into the US Bank branch system. Sadly PFF and Downey Savings have been notorious during the real estate bubble that burst in 2007 where they held loads of failed mortgages which helped led to them being failed banks.

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The RNC Leadership Race and the Future of the Party

Since the Republicans failed to win the election on Election Day, there is going to be an election at the RNC to elect the new leader of the party. However if you are a centrist in the Republican party this new direction does not include us.

When we look at the electoral map it shows that the south and the mid west of the United States voted for McCain while Obama cleaned the rest of the nation. Although McCain choose Palin to boost the base, he depressed the vote from all other groups that would lean towards the party. However the Republican anti-intellectualism movement is starting to alienate people within the party where the party would rather have leaders who would rather ban gay marriage, restrict abortion and spend like drunken Democrats like the eight years of the Bush administration.

Throwing the same agenda across this whole nation is only going to lead towards the Republicans becoming a pale imitation of itself. Lt.Governor Steele of Maryland is one choice I would not want to represent my party. Yes we need diversity in our party, but any warm body of color should not qualify as diversity. Having the chairman of our party as a black man is only symbolic, although he will speak weekly on the weekly political chat shows about the message of the party. People are not going to rush out and convert to the Republican party because our party leader is black. We have to have the substance to go with our symbolism in order for us to have an impact.

Voters in California from minority communities still voted Yes on 8 and voted for Democratic party members down the ticket. I hear stories from Republican politicians and pundits stating that minority communities share our social values, but they never vote for us. There are some good examples why they never vote for our party because we are perceived as the party of immigrant bashing and that the party used the Southern Strategy to get those racists into our party.

Yes, cultural issues are important to many voters. However economics should be just as critical in helping to shape our nation. If we are going to be known as the values party without any other issue to define us then we should pack up our bags and lay on the KY Jelly and get decimated by the opposition.

There are many issues to explore in the next coming months and I hope to go through them all.