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Disgusted at Congressman Baca

June 26th was an infamous day in American history, Joe Baca and friends capped the American economy and sold off our prosperity in the American Clean Energy and Security Act HR 2454. I thought the Democratic Party was the party of the working class and the poor, but I guess not. Working families are going to be reamed with higher costs for energy and food due to this pending law.

Cap and trade does little to help improve the situation of climate change. Carbon offsets will negate the effects in reducing emissions and only be a method of just raising money for the government where enforcers will be coming down your business to make sure they are meeting emission limits.

And if you are a home owner expect more mandates that will also drive the cost of housing and make homes less affordable to those who want to buy or sell a home. Expect to pay for an energy inspector to certify your doors, windows, heaters and appliances to meet government standards before you are allowed to sell your home. This mandate is going to do nothing to help the real estate industry which is hurting due to the housing bubble.

Speaker Pelosi, Joe Baca and President Obama are promising jobs and opportunity, but all these nanny state regulations will only prolong our recession and delay our economic recovery. If we want to stop the insanity we must call Senators Boxer and Feinstein now.

Republicans Need to Hold Clear on Values Issues

As the political party of the moral majority the Republican Party has been bloodied by the admissions of adultery from leaders such as Senator Ensign of Nevada and Governor Sanford of South Carolina. The Republican Party has been known to defend and protect traditional values for the last generation, but when their standard bearers can not protect their own marriages how can they protect the sanctity of heterosexual marriage?  Should we blame the states that legalized marriage equality for the failure of the marriages of fallen heterosexuals?

If traditional values activists want to protect marriage and limit it to heterosexual couples they should learn how to work on how to make their marriages work before campaigning to preach the virtues of tradition. Younger voters are not buying this dog and pony show from the Republican Party should should integrate the new reality in their next campaigns. Demographics are changing and we need to understand that when we enter the new election cycle of 2010. By being inclusive to gay and lesbian Americans we can build a bridge to the future of our nation.

Obama says to LGBT America, I Just Used You!

Recently the Obama administration’s Justice Department wrote a brief defending the Defense of Marriage Act. Unfortunately our president campaigned on the message of hope and change with the gay and lesbian community and backstabbed them for votes and campaign donations. Most of the time justice departments do defend the laws that are on the books and that is understandable, but his justice department decided to use the most tantalizing raw meat to the traditional values community against a population.

You claim to be a fierce advocate for gay and lesbian equality, I think not President Obama. This amicus brief claims that if we liberalize marriage rules it will allow for incest and people raping children, that gays don’t deserve suspect class protection, that gay Americans do not deserve a right to privacy and Loving v. Virginia should not be used as precedence in helping to promote marriage equality. Who wrote your amicus brief, the Bush Justice Department? If gay and lesbian Americans wanted this abuse we would have all voted for the Republican Party.

Lack of Communication from Congressman Baca

The lack of communication from my congressman Joe Baca (D-Rialto) is very disappointing. I recently wrote a letter to my congressman about the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell about integrating open gay and lesbian military personnel in our armed forces and after a phone call after a month of not receiving a reply of his position on the bill pro or con, I come to suspect that he is just too cautious like our president.

My congressman lives in a very safe constituency where he could take principled stands without much risk. The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (HR 1283) is one of the rare equality bills that have broad support across demographic lines from conservatives to liberals, church going people to the non church going and over 142 fellow members have already co-sponsored this bill already.

It is disappointing when Congressman Gary Miller who served my community before reapportionment had his office write to me even on the most insignificant of legislation, but Joe Baca’s staff is asleep at the wheel even when its legislation that is traditionally Democratic Party favored.

I hope after the phone call I get a response in the next two weeks, if not I will probably need to write a letter to the editor in our local newspaper so he will get the message. Congressman Baca’s legislative director should have positions on various notable pieces of legislation already written up so the people of his district would know his positions on the issues.

Constituent service helps make or break a politician. If I was your representative I would do my best to treat my constituents with care even if we disagree strongly on an issue.

Update: Joe Baca eventually sponsored the bill and I thank him for his effort. And if you want a prompt response, DO NOT mail to the congressional office because the mail basically gets irradiated and held for a week or so. I learned my lesson.

For The Love of Country, but Not Yet

Yes, the armed forces of our nation still needs people to serve us proudly. However I am not yet desirable for the military even though they are taking in felons and people over 45 because they are lacking people. Our armed forces do very good things mostly for the people of the nation and the world. President Clinton tried to let openly gay and lesbian soldiers serve, but he was only able to make a compromise where you have to lie in order to serve. I personally feel that this is dishonest and I would rather be honest to myself and others.

The Military Readiness Enhancement Act is the bill that will give the freedom for these soldiers to serve our nation. This is the issue that has overwhelming bi-partisan support from Republicans as well as the Democratic party. Luckily I was immune to the allure of President Obama, I knew he was not going to come through with his promises to the LGBT community. I did vote for McCain because at least he was consistent and did not promise the world to get the vote. It is up to the people of America to write to their legislators and demand for the bill to be co-sponsored or voted for. However pressure on your legislators would be the perfect solution towards getting this law passed in the next military funding authorization bill.

Unfortunately on the White House website, undoing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is not a high priority on the Obama administration. Sooner or later the bill will come to his desk and he will have to make do with his campaign promises.

On The Other Propositions

I am against Proposition 1C, It is only a one time infusion of $5 billion. It only gives us money for one year or to clean up the massive budget deficit that will likely not go away just to give away the state lottery to a private company. And if you are either an evangelical against gambling or a liberal worried about the impact of gambling on the poor, you absolutely understand why a vote against Proposition 1C would be vital.

Selling off the lottery by placing a bond on the asset is stupid. I agree with the League of Women Voters when they say bonds are for roads and libraries, not for short term spending.

I am against Proposition 1D and 1E, even though I find that First 5 may have some fraud and mismanagement, we do not need to take it out on the children who benefit from Proposition 1D. 1E comes from the funds from the millionaires tax to fund mental health, even though I disagree with the millionaires tax that makes our former taxpayers like Tiger Woods move out of California, we should not need to slash mental health programs from the people of our state.

Proposition 1F is the only YES vote I support. Politicians who openly support a budget in the red do not deserve a raise. I would honestly support one that would expand it to legislative aides who make as much money as the legislators.

Matthew Munson endorses NO on 1A-1E, a Yes on 1F

Treat Workers Fairly

Unlike most Republicans, I do find the importance of labor unions. Businesses can not be expected to do the right thing at all times. Not all businesses will do the right thing, if polluting rivers will mean a net benefit to a company’s bottom line they will do it.

Businesses have a weird sense of operation, they believe removing meal and lunch breaks will create jobs or keep jobs alive. However the stupidity of business in ignoring meal and break laws is the reason why they are losing money.

With meal and lunch breaks workers will be happier and more productive and they will be ready to do the job better.

However in the Inland Valley, warehouse workers are being exploited by temporary agencies and the corporations who contract to hire the employees. Workers are being deprived of permanent employment, 40 hour work weeks, and a living wage which makes the Inland Empire a depressing place to live for thousands of its residents.

I endorse the Employee Free Choice Act, the bill that promotes unionization in the workplace. The existing practice of union organization simply does not work, it is simply undemocratic. One side has an overwhelming advantage over the other side in the current system of union organization. Look at Wal-Mart they are famous for union busting, they will even shut down entire stores or departments if they dare to unionize. People should not have to be forced to attend propaganda on how unionization is evil, threats about loss of their job, benefits or wages during a campaign to determine who represents the employee on labor issues.

The existing system offers bottlenecks where it is so one sided towards the employer it would be like operating congressional elections where the incumbent owns the media all over the district.

The Employee Free Choice Act may not be a perfect piece of legislation. However it is better than the system we have now. Maybe with union representation, workers of the Inland Valley will be on the winning side of the economic ladder in the future.

Image thanks to: Public Domain Pictures

There are Bigger Fish to Fry

I am not a regular listener of podcaster Wanda Wisdom (Bradley Traynor) as I used to. Since the Feast of Fools podcast is in hiatus, I decided to give Wanda’s show a chance. Brad does two shoes for Lavender Media in Minneapolis, Big Gay News and Lucky Bitch Radio, as part of Big Gay News he mentioned the fact that although alleged censorship of LGBT books is a legitimate issue people are getting hurt and killed for the simple fact for being queer.

First in Iraq, people are being systematically executed for being gay in Iraq, even though we helped liberate this nation from Saddam Hussein we still have not liberated the nation from tyranny for all Iraqis. I applaud organizations such as GOP Proud for helping to bring forth awareness of this issue in one of their recent press releases by mentioning that we should advocate for human rights for all.

Then in Massachusetts, a place where you would not expect a person to be beaten up and disfigured for being gay.  Justin Goodwin got the unfortunate beating from two men in their twenties where the victim will likely be deaf in one ear and blind in one eye because of the malice and prejudice the men had. 

Of course we should not give up the frivolous news stories that you might read on Perez Hilton or what outfit Britney Spears might wear on her world tour. However we should be aware that the world is not perfect and there is still darkness in the world around us. Get active, visit sites such as Amnesty International, the Task Force and the Human Rights Campaign, then enjoy your bread and circuses we got to leave this world a better place for the next generation.