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Is It a Conspiracy?

Woke up this morning and found out that I have no dial tone. Was it an unpaid bill? No, the bill was paid. Maybe it was the cats on the roof chewing the wires. Maybe it was Verizon’s crack team of ninjas hacking into our wires to force us on to FIOS.

Sadly the Verizon service technicians visits come in long obscene windows which makes you prisoner in your own home from 8am to 8pm which I find very unacceptable. Instead of a 12 hour window, an 8 hour window would be more acceptable.

I like copper wires because in case of an emergency you still can use your phone, but with FIOS and cable you only get eight hours of backup power. With copper phone service we can use fax machines and dialup modems easily, with FIOS you can not as well.

It Can Only Get Better

Started my first phone call with my WGU mentor. Got a brief overview about expectations and the process. I think it will be manageable. Despite the bad economy for public school teachers, I would like to have a career that has a better future than the retail store I work for that has canceled out many of the full time jobs they had available and most of the workforce is basically part time workers with low hours allocated for.

Things can only get better, as what the song on the video I posted above can allude to.

I want to inspire young people, use my writing skills to put out great instructional units and lectures in Economics, Geography, Government and History. I also aspire to perhaps get myself a MA in History to supplement my career as a future educator and writer.

I honestly do not want to speed it up where two semesters get consolidated into one where I would get to demonstration teaching by January. Even though saving $3035 would be priceless, I would like to save my sanity and do it right.

Personally I do not want to do student teaching at Chaffey High School, but I would not mind the possibility of working for the school in the future. It would be cool to have my former Geometry teacher as my boss.

Adventures In Customer Service

It sucks when you have to balance phone customers and customers in the store. I know the customer in the store has priority, but I was multi tasking to my fullest because in my current job I have to answer phone calls and ring up the sales. I know I should of told the customer on the phone  to hold on, but my line was never ending so I had to multi-task. Being also timed with dealing with customers on the register, I thought multitasking would be the best optimal decision.

I wish we had our class registrations online so students would not have to worry about asking the clerks on the phone if a class is booked or not. We actually have our class listings online now at least so you can find out what activities happen on a particular day and how much they cost.

We are not Nordstrom’s, but due to reality of businesses cutting costs I do the best I can.

Crushed By The Wheels Of Efficiency

In retail making sure the customer gets a fast and friendly checkout is the main goal for customer satisfaction. If customers have to wait excess time it reduces the drive for the customer to make a repeat purchase which inhibits the profitability of a store.

The retail chain I work for decided to score the people on the cash register to make sure our efficiency is proficient. It has been hit or miss for me for the last six months, recently I have been hitting the target for the last three weeks with a 91, 102 and 112 percent scores. I am pleasantly surprised. However I do believe I am doing things right, but due to the store manager making it high stakes where the lowest scoring employee who fails to get 90 percent gets low hours we are getting the message.

I would like to see our score displayed like how Target does this for their employees so we can know when we are performing correctly and when we are not doing the job properly we would know when to step it up and do the best job we can for our customers.

I have one more day for my work week and I hope to get a fourth week of a passing score.

Exploring 2013

I am pondering running for the Chaffey Community College District and here are some of the issues I want to address.

I want to explore the cost and potential savings of moving the elections to even years instead of having them on odd years. Severe low turnout elections where only a handful of voters visit the polling places in our six plus city community college district from Chino Hills to Fontana is not a good use of money.

I also want to explore the legality of maybe making the elections an ALL vote by mail election and see if that provides monetary savings. I tried asking one of our governing board members this question and I never got a honest answer. I will try a freedom of information act question to get this taken care of.

I also find it bewildering that we do not run online classes in the summer time. I do not know if it is the faculty senate’s position that online education cheapens the education, but if we want to get students moving thru the system and offer new students a chance to enter our campus we need more sections. Online sections are a good way to squeeze 5-10 more students compared to conventional learning.

Also before online education we had telecourses, telecourses are a good way we could get more students to learn in a self directed format. As long as exams and cousework are done at the end of the semester, the student earns their grade for the class.

We need to be innovative in order to be a successful institution in the era of austerity.

There are other ideas on the table. I am looking into attending board meetings and see if serving the community for a term would be a good idea if the concerns are not able to be addressed.


It is not the same as twenty five years ago when visiting the local amusement establishment was just like going to Disneyland.  What used to be Bullwinkles and Family Fun Center became sharply down scaled. Bullwinkles and family fun center is not what it used to be from its prime. Instead of a Chuckee Cheese automaton show, it is simply a sit down affair with a 50s style.

I remember visiting for the latest arcade games,  but due to technology we can get the experience right at home which negates the arcades. The complex next to the former Bullwinkles, formerly known as Family Fun Center is basically scaled down from its old days. The recording studio eliminated, the arcade games 50% reduced. It is sad. Also there used to be a mini arcade near the bumper boats, but that also got closed and became more employee office space.

However I should try to visit James Games in Upland near the high school if I want to relive my childhood.

Sen.Mcleod on Memorial Day 2012

On Memorial Day, it is important for us to remember those who have lost their lives in service to the United States.

This tradition dates back to the Civil War, when one of the first such days of remembrance, Decoration Day, was held on April 25, 1866 in Columbus, Mississippi. On Decoration Day, the women of Columbus decorated the graves of Confederate soldiers killed at the Battle of Shiloh with flowers. Two years later, in 1868, Decoration Day was observed at Arlington Cemetery with flowers and small American flags placed on the graves of the Union and Confederate soldiers buried there. This tradition continues at Arlington National Cemetery.

Additional information on the history of Memorial Day is available from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

President Lyndon Johnson and Congress declared Waterloo, New York, the birthplace of Memorial Day in 1966. In 1971, Memorial Day became an official national holiday to honor all Americans who have died in war and is observed on the last Monday of May.

This year on Monday, May 28th, the Inland Empire will be observing the following Memorial Day events:

8:30 a.m.

Pomona Valley Memorial Park’s Annual Memorial Day Ceremony at Veterans Circle
502 E. Franklin Avenue, Pomona

10:00 a.m.

Bellevue Memorial Park Memorial Day Celebration
1240 West G Street, Ontario

City of Rialto 10th Annual Memorial Day Celebration, Rialto Park Cemetery
200 N. Willow Avenue, Rialto

3:00 p.m.

VFW Post 8737 Special Honors of Medal to family PFC Duane Walter Payne – killed in action WWII.
2018 W. Foothill Blvd., San Bernardino

6:00 p.m.

Montclair Community Action Community and Chamber
5111 Benito Street, Montclair

Los Angeles National Cemetery 123rd Annual Memorial Day Ceremony

All events Open To The Public

A Legacy

School was not fun for many of us in prior generations, but the time has changed for many students. I would like to do something productive for future Tigers at Chaffey High School. I would like to see about a fifty dollar award that would be applied to a senior who has participated in the gay straight alliance club on campus and made a lasting impact to the school community.

Even though I graduated there fifteen years ago, and perhaps might even student teach in that district where Chaffey High School is a part of, I would like to see an award that states that the Chaffey High School alumni appreciate their efforts to make the school a better place.

I will likely need to talk to the school principal about how to endow an award for the Class of 2013 and beyond.

Likely criteria I would see would be, this award would be open to any student straight or LGBT that has helped foster change in their campus. This award would require a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and must be approved by the advisor on the campus. If the GSA no longer exists the money would be released to help efforts due to the McKinney-Vento efforts to help homeless students who may be at Chaffey High School.

I will see if any other Tigers who would like to partake in this effort.

Last Class

The last class I needed to transfer to Western Governor’s University is done. I will need to submit the promissory note and my transcripts over before I begin. It will be 3,035 a half year term where the last term will be 4,035 due to the thousand buck fee for student teaching. Due to the state budget cuts it may be the most prudent thing I am doing by going with them for the program. So for $11,105 I can get my 18 month odyssey of getting my teaching credential completed.

I may be in a sea to nowhere for the last decade, but I do recognize I need to turn my ship around. Only thing I am worried about is the lack of teaching opportunities after I complete the program. Even if I teach at a private school for slightly less wage, I will be content. The collapse of the economy and my innate desire to partake in dead industries makes my life a struggle, but struggle can make one stronger.

I know I should have been more vigilant on mathematics, perhaps Economics would of paid more than Political Science and History. However, I will likely buy some Algebra and Algebra II textbooks so I can self learn so when I eventually teach Economics to high school students I could do it in a better manner.