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Rhapsody, lame music service

I was interested in the free album offer used to promote the grand re-opening of the Real/Viacom music store. However when I tried to join they said if you place your credit card on the sign up details, we will subscribe you to Real Superpass which would cost you 13.33 a month if you did not cancel. So I decided to leave out my credit card details.

Also Rhapsody also prides itself on people being able to listen to 25 full length songs for free each month as long as you are a member of the site. When I tried to sign on with my details, I was never able to listen to a full length song.

As what they always say in economics, there is always no such thing as a free lunch. There is also coverage in Betanews explaining how disappointing their service is during its first few days it has been open.

For now, I am staying with itunes and Amazon for my major label online music needs. And if I am interested in imported music I will go with 7digital at least.

If you want to try something adventurous and independent, I also recommend I have been a member for two months and downloaded quality music from Cut Copy, Sparks, The Presets and Thom Yorke. There will be a link on my site about, if you find their selection good join up today.

Stupid Dish Network

Dirty Dish from queerty

Dish Network’s board of directors “recommended” shareholders vote against a measure that would include sexual orientation in the company’s non-discrimination guideline. Ninety percent of shareholders complied. [Denver Post]

And they do not even carry Logo. I probally could save 10.00 a month by bundling my services with the cable internet service I have from time Warner cable.

A Safari for Windows

    I am a big enthusiast for trying out new software for my computer. After Internet Explorer’s reputation for being insecure and resource consuming, I have been using Firefox and Opera regularly for my Internet travels. Apple has recently released their preview edition of Safari for Windows XP and Vista and it seems useful for people who do not want any extra bells and whistles in their web browsing travels.When I am visiting web sites, I just want a browser that consumes less system resources and does not cause other tasks to hang in the process. The best feature in Safari is its feed reader, which rivals Firefox’s feed reader when its only read like a list of bookmarks. Another notable feature in Safari is the go back feature, so you can return to where you came from if the browser or the website redirected you somewhere else.

    Safari is a simple browser, that brings the minimalist ethos of Apple to the masses. My sister does own an Apple computer and she uses the browser because it gets the job done. If you are a technologist you may want to stick with Firefox and its hundred’s of extensions you can utilize to customize your browser.

Although being a beta product, Safari may end up becoming Number 3 in the browser market for Windows computer users.

Fun with e-commerce

I think I am not going to be suckered into the free shipping deals when I buy stuff online these days. I ordered an ipod from Target and it took two extra days to be delivered to my home because it had to go to a routing station forty miles away from home even though the place it was sent was only ten minutes away. This was the reason why I canceled my Circuit City order for Final Fantasy XII.

If I was being charged interest I would not want this purchased factored into my credit card. However I am going to give them two weeks chance before I bug them again since I have no interest offer for the next three and a half months.

I also understand that being a call center employee is tough enough. I have a voice that is rather quite low. Even when I speak up high the first guy I called still wanted to hang up on me. That is the only time I would like to be disrespectful. However I try to work with the system to make their lives a bit easier.

The dslextreme chronciles

DSLEXTREME was a great internet service provider until they started to stink since early September 2006. I was a five year plus customer of theirs. They provided great dialup service and since I was a student I wanted fast internet for school I decided to switch to DSL. DSL was great and I did not have any major inconveniences until now and I was very disappointed.Basically my service was non functional and non working. I tried calling their help desk and I had enough of the busy signals and condescending answers that did not get me anywhere so I decided to switch to cable internet. The price of $47.95 is slightly better than the $51.85 I used to pay with DSLEXTREME, and if I bundle my services l will have a cheaper price for cable television. However Dish Network (Echostar) has not failed me yet, but the constant price increases make their service just as expensive as cable television back in 2000.

Maybe Dslextreme is growing too big to maintain their user base. I only have one complaint about their cancelation policy; I terminated my service on September 27. My service is for September 1 to September 30. It seems I should be entitled to the $6.91 in unused service because I do not have a dsl signal anymore and its unused service because I am deactivated. I understand I have to pay to ship the loaned dsl adapter and I have no problem with that, but even after reading the terms and services agreement I see nothing to justify them stiffing me the $6.91.

Right now I am a cable internet customer until I move out of my residence and I like it and feel it serves my end user needs.

Ebay advisory

When your transaction as a buyer or seller on Ebay becomes successful or unsuccessful you are supposed to leave feedback. When you are a low end buyer or seller you want feedback for being a prompt buyer or seller. But with those with 1000+ feedback ratings say they want feedback, but they will only do it when people send them feedback it seems just to be an empty promise. I think mega sellers should have a bot to help them send feedback to their good customers.

I will never send any feedback to any power sellers until they realise they need to give the little guys some respect.