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We Must Be the Party of the Future

The Republican Party is hurting; in California we have not had a winning year since 1994 while the national party has had two major losses in 2006 and 2008. I hear the message that the party should not change, eventually people will come back home to the Republican Party. Unfortunately demographics are changing and we have to come home to reality.

There is no silver bullet towards victory for us as a party. Supporting initiatives such as Proposition 4 and Proposition 8 (waiting period for abortion and limiting marriage to straight Californians) may bring our base to the polls, but even with our base alone we do not have the voters to succeed on other issues. Latino and African American voters voted for Proposition 8, but they also voted for President Obama. Demographics are changing, although voters in the Latino and African American communities may hold social conservative views, they are not traditionally conservative on economics and will not easily flock to our party.

We cannot wait for a golden moment for us to succeed as a party, Sacramento is burning and we must bring forth a new collation so we can take back California. Many of us thought Governor Schwarzenegger was our key to returning back to prominence in fixing our broken state. However our governor unfortunately made our state more broken and governs more like a Democrat and makes us wish for the days of Gray Davis.

Even if we used the same technology as President Obama to use in our next campaign cycle, it will do little in the long run because voters did not exactly like our message. We must be the party of the future, our voters are dying off and the Democratic Party has taken away the youth. We need to be fiscally responsible and socially inclusive. If we cannot do both then we will fail as a political party.

Counties in California are showing the results of a dogmatic political party where in the Bay Area we are basically irrelevant as the third choice in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, and Decline to State is even popular in San Bernardino and Riverside counties with over seventeen percent of the people declining to state their affiliation. The two issues aside from our inconsistent economic policy that is driving people away, is our relationship with the Latinos and the gays.

Our fixation with illegal immigration may be justified because of the implicit costs with dealing with their utilization of public services, but we have to explain to the people of our great state that we are not here to single out a population. We are here to make sure that all of us who wanted to immigrate to our nation do it the right way no matter if you are British, Mexican or Iraqi. We are known as the political party for being for what we are against, but we should advocate for what we support. The campaign for Proposition 187 was our response to our frustration in 1994 about illegal immigration, but it was interpreted as an attempt towards a Southern Strategy which distanced us from the Latino communities. Making collations with minority communities is indeed helpful, where leading activists say we should connect with these individuals because of their social conservative values. However it is proven that these individuals will walk away from us because of economic concerns because it is perceived that the Democratic Party stands for the working man, even if the Democratic legislator we are challenging is liberal on social issues.

The Republican Party needs to have an open door towards the gay and lesbian communities. Due to the social conservative takeover in the 1980s the answer in the party was to treat the thousands in that community as a menace since the threat of communism was over, preachers wanted a bogyman to make money with. Unfortunately many Californians have seen through the fallacies and realize that these people are just like the rest of us. Young adults are growing increasingly comfortable with their gay and lesbian friends and are even supporting of marriage equality. I see the irrelevance when I see the legislators in our party voting against bills to protect students from bullying and harassment, employment non discrimination and the expansion of public accommodation laws.

I can understand the reluctance of Republican legislators to oppose marriage equality. However the opposition on the non-marriage civil rights bills, shows that the argument that the party could care less about these individuals. A majority believes that marriage should be left alone, but it is perceived that our party would like to see the police raids, the dismissals of employment, the right to refuse service in business and the right for Jimmy to steer the queer at the school yard.

Our party cannot afford to be seen as anti-gay, I bet Gary Jeardon in Palm Springs is probably wondering why he is not State Assemblyman in his failed campaign for the 80th State Assembly District. Gary Jeardon ran in one of the Assembly Districts with a high propensity of gay voters and turned against them during his failed campaign. Unfortunately for many of the Assembly Districts simply running as the candidate against gay and lesbian Californians will not gain dividends like it used to. Over time people are evolving to the position that same sex couples deserve recognition, and gay and lesbian people are equal and will become the majority view.

Voters are not for or against us because of social issues, it’s the economics stupid. People are not mad at Arnold for his social liberal views, people are mad at our governor for not holding the line on spending, increasing taxes and going against his word during his 2003 and 2006 campaigns doing what he ridiculed former State Treasurer Phil Angelides for advocating tax increases.

When our political party lets the social conservatives dominate the party or go against our economic principles we will face defeat. If we want to reach out to the young voters, suburbanites and independents we must think outside the box. We must become the party of the future after our political party is going through a period of identity. There is room for religious conservatives and social moderates in our Republican Party, where we can coexist to succeed. When only 31 percent of the nation is behind our party, there is only the need to expand our base to be the party of inclusion.

New No on 1A Event in Ontario

Thanks to our coordinator of the successful Rancho Cucamonga Tea Party event we have an official NO on 1A Event in Ontario. Let us help remind commuters and shoppers about the true impact of a Yes on 1A vote.

Prop. 1A will raise taxes on all Californians and extend these taxes for

one to two years, taking another $16 billion from you!

The already approved tax increase will cost a typical California family

$1,100 annually.

HIGHER SALES TAX! Proposition 1A will extend the sales tax hike for an additional full year. California taxpayers already pay the highest sales tax in the nation. This is a direct attack on all working families, especially low-income residents.

HIGHER CAR TAX! Proposition 1A will extend the DOUBLING of the car tax. This affects every California car owner.

HIGHER STATE INCOME TAX! Proposition 1A will extend an income tax increase for two extra years. Californians already pay the highest income tax rates in the nation. Under Prop. 1A, you’ll pay even more.

REDUCTION OF TAX CREDIT FOR DEPENDENTS! Californians with children will see a reduction in the tax credits for dependents, costing them $200 per child. Prop. 1A will extend this attack on families for an extra two years.

Tea Party Street Rally – Ontario

May 18th, 2009, 5-7 p.m.

Milliken and 4th Street intersection

(by Ontario Mills, parking at any of four corners)

Day Of Silence Is Vital

The fundamentalists are afraid about the annual Day of Silence event, an event focused on awareness of the harassment and bullying of LGBT youth. Students should be free to be who they are without the fear of harassment or intimidation. The psychological terrorism of bullies only prevents students from getting the education that they are entitled to. Students may be raised with values and traditions from their families, however they should learn to let students live and let live and learn that society is not a filtered lens that they may have been conditioned with.

Students are what they are, people do not take lessons on being straight or gay. The objective of organizations such as the Campaign for California Families and the Alliance Defense Fund is to spread ignorance, prejudice and fear so they can have a boogeyman in the gay community to raise money for their organizations.

Schools should not be used as a political proving ground for fundamentalists or even homosexuals. However student initiated actions such as the Day of Silence is vital and needed to bring forth awareness of the issue of harassment and bullying of students. We need a warm and open environment for all students no matter what their sexuality or religion might be.

I had to deal with a bully where I had to be evasive by going to school very early by choosing an esoteric path to school and when I had a class where my bully was in the same building I stormed out of class so we would not have to cross paths. Worrying about this individual added extra stress to my senior year about ten years ago from today. I was closeted back then and did not radiate anything. However my bully probably had very good gaydar.

Straight, gay or in-between we should all share solidarity together so we can make sure that future generations of students especially in Junior High and High School can learn and be free from intimidation. Even though I have graduated long time ago, I want to help change the culture so we can have hope not fear.

End Prohibition in San Bernardino County

If the Obama Administration allows for the medical marijuana use by discouraging the DEA from stopping medicinal marijuana establishments, then our board of supervisors and the city councils should follow suit and ease up on their restrictions. Recently this week Attorney General Eric Holder decided to follow through with campaign promises and decided to end DEA raids on medicinal marijuana organizations.

Before our new president took his oath of office, San Bernardino County and cities such as Ontario have made it difficult for those truly in need of this drug to obtain what they need to function. The argument was if the federal government would not allow it, we must follow federal law first because it supersedes state law. Now state law agrees with federal law and our board of supervisors and local city councils in San Bernardino County should follow suit by ending their restrictions. 

Of course we should make sure that those who are looking for a quick toke should of course be punished, or there should be zoning restrictions making sure that these medicinal organizations are not near schools or residential areas.

However, this issue of the easing of marijuana restrictions is becoming increasingly mainstream particularly in California. Although total decriminalization is not supported yet nationally, Californians do believe that those who are suffering with chronic conditions such as cancer, HIV and other life threatening conditions should be able to take advantage of the marijuana plant.