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Munson on AB 398

Republicans ended up getting the raw deal in July’s controversial #ab398. Eight Republicans attained exceptional outcry and grief due to what they did with their votes that enabled its passage. Republicans across the board from the ones who voted for Obama to the Republicans who are part of the Tea Party movement are disgusted at the support our legislators gave to this bill.

Minority Leader Chad Mayes and Assemblyman Marc Steinorth may state that if we did not pass this bill legislators such as Senator Connie Leyva and Assemblywoman Eloise Reyes will be ready to pass an even crippling bill at first chance. Even if AB 398 is the best thing since sliced bread, this bill is not static. Democrats can still undo this agreement.

Not all of us are wealthy like Assemblyman Steinorth. We can’t afford to absorb these new economic regulations that are driving people to Texas.

The Fight for 15 Backfires

The fight for 15 dollars an hour is going to backfire in the long run as how it recently flared up at LAX Airport today. I am fearful for myself and countless thousands of workers who will become casualties in this fight when business owners start to tell their employees they are no longer needed or hours get cut because labor costs go through the roof. In my small business employer, there is no longer raises because the minimum wage is going up so fast each year where the state basically determines your wage. Leading fast food chains are now implementing kiosks instead of having cashiers and other jobs will be automated as well.

Education should be the way for the majority. For those individuals over 60 perhaps give a tax credit to help boost their pay to help supplement their social security or other retirement savings. It seems unions are using the minimum wage to determine raises for their members at the detriment of nonunion workers.

Lower Income Taxes for California Athletic Talent

Sacramento we do have a problem and it affects people from San Francisco to San Diego. Our income tax rate of 13.3% is not an incentive for athletes to play for our teams. No matter if it’s the Lakers, the 49’ers and the Dodgers we are handicapped by the high taxes our state have. Lebron James would rather play for the Miami Heat than to consider the Lakers, Zack Greinke recently moved to the Diamondbacks.

San Diego tax activist Richard Rider brought forth this issue a year ago and I realized that this was going to happen to fans in California sooner or later where the issue would hit home for Dodger fans.

By providing an incentive for top athletic talent to play for California teams it helps the value of the franchises and the communities that host them. I would consider the Top 25% in performers in their leagues eligible for the tax incentive where the 13.3% tax rate gets cut in half for the duration of their contract. 6.65% would be the tax rate for these eligible athletes.

How would we consider the Top 25% in performance? Leaders in wins, strikeouts, home runs, hits, earned run average would be good metrics if we were considering a baseball player. You would have to be a leader in 2 of the categories in order to be eligible for the tax incentive. The NBA, NHL and NFL would also set their categories in consultation with the Board of Equalization. 

As a compromise and to encourage investment in our state, I would require a minimum home purchase of 1/10th the average yearly value of the contract be in California and it must be their primary residence in order to get the tax incentive. If your primary home is near Dallas Texas then no tax cut.

If we give incentives for Hollywood productions to stay in our state, we can do the same for our pro-athletes. Progressives may say let them eat cake or teams should just pay more to compensate for the high taxes in our state, but we need to have the incentives to encourage the best to play for our teams,

If we have modest tax rates we could remove the fiscal considerations for athletes who decide which city to play in when they are in free agency and they could just worry about the weather, the stadium and other non-financial factors in choosing the team of their choice.

California Thirst For Taxation

As a working class Republican I am told that Democrats are supposed to represent people like me. However it seems they are making it harder for people like me to live our day to day lives. For many of us to survive we have to drive to work where employers ask their workers to use their car to do job obligations. If you use 20 gallons of gasoline a week that is 125 dollars a year redirected from life’s necessities such as buying groceries or paying utilities.
I know we want better roads, but when our state has one of the highest gasoline taxes we should ask ourselves how we are spending the money before consider raising gas taxes or vehicle registration fees which also will rise. Are revenues being consumed by top heavy administration which prevents us from repairing our bridges and roads? Questions need to be investigated and answered before taxes rise.

It Is All About Jobs and Opportunity

My main theme of my campaign is about jobs and opportunity. Opportunity has been denied to countless Californian working families and small business thanks to my opponent and her friends. People are still unemployed and even though the unemployment number is low, it is still high when we account the people not participating in the workforce due to their discouragement.

My plan is simple, we need to stop discouraging the companies who would offer quality middle class jobs to help raise families and provide opportunities to Californians. Adding regulations to inhibit companies from setting up in our state is only creating the culture of dependency in our state. It is a victory when we get people into the workforce and improve their self-worth.

The red tape of requiring unionization before a business can operate is one way where we are not going to get big companies to operate. I do support elections for union organization, but card check is not a secret vote. No one wants to be harassed or intimidated for not going the union way because card check allows for co-workers and union leaders to know your vote. Palmdale is likely going to lose a manufacturing plant that is making light rail cars to other states because of the unions using government regulation on business.

We already lost Nestle, Toyota, Charles Schwab and the Starwood hotel call center to other states. Our business reputation is already worse than a direct to video movie release. Public services are not funded by fairy dust, it takes the private sector worker to help fund the public sector and if we want a healthy California we need to think of business to bring forth the jobs and opportunity to our state.

If you do not want California to be a walking advertisement for Arizona, Nevada, or Texas please vote for Matthew Munson for State Senate. Because my opponent is not going to listen to the businesses that will help grow our state and provide opportunity to the people of our region due to her wearing the union label on her sleeve.

Remember When Holidays Were Sacred?

In the quest to make a buck, retailers are open on Thanksgiving Day. It has been over four years since I wrote my previous column. I do not expect people to not shop on Thanksgiving, but what about family? It used to be 5-10pm when we were originally open, now it is 4pm-11pm. I think in the next six years the store will be open 24/7 until Friday at 11pm like how the Ontario Mills is open at 10pm on Thanksgiving and closed 10pm the next day. Sadly our competitor that is building a new store across the street will be closed on Thanksgiving, but at least they have good taste compared to other retailers these days.  I implore people to shop online on Thanksgiving and consider shopping on Friday or even Saturday depending on personal preference.  There has been numerous petitions to encourage businesses to reconsider their plans to be open that day, but frankly they will not listen unless people stop shopping.

When my father did retail in the 1970s, stores were closed on New Year’s Day, now they are open that day and people do not think twice that stores are open on New Year’s Day. It makes me hoping I can escape the retail industry and become a public school teacher soon. I have two more semesters left in my program and I am hoping to have a decent future. Perhaps with California’s tax and spend future the economy will crash so I will just learn to hold the line on consumption.

Support Your Local Small Businesses

Chase and Living Social are awarding some $250,000 grants to some lucky small businesses, and it is up to visitors to vote for their favorite small businesses. In our local area there are notable businesses such as the Grove Theater and My Delight Cupcakery for your consideration. The businesses need at least 250 votes to qualify for the next round.

Make a vote and help make some dreams come true.

Bring Our Local Economy Back To Life

Ontario, California’s airport is on a downward spiral all thanks to its owner the City of Los Angeles which manages our local airport. Airlines are reducing flights and flights are generally more expensive than flying to LAX.

An airport helps drive the economy of a region, without a vibrant ONT we will not have the ability to improve our economy to the fullest.

Local control of Ontario International Airport is vital. Now is the time to join the movement to Set ONTario free.

Feel free to visit their Facebook page to find out more information and LIKE it.

Local Supermarket Shuts Down In Ontario

Liborio Market on Euclid and G in Ontario filed for bankruptcy last month and the aftereffects are happening for the eight store chain where the doors finally closed last week. I noticed when the shelves were barely stocked with canned food, and the refrigerated case barely stocked with items. Only thing that was reliably stocked at that market was the produce section which was appreciated by many in our area. The bankruptcy was triggered when they were unable to pay their produce suppliers.

People looking for food and decent prices that cater to the mostly Latino audience have three other supermarkets to consider. Superior Market on Holt Boulevard between Mountain and San Antonio, Cardenas near Holt and Campus, and Jax Market near Euclid and E street.

A Reflection on Student Loans

After I graduated in 2003 I was on auto-pilot. I was not ready for prime time after I got my degree from UC Riverside. I applied for graduate school but the people who were supposed to sign my letters of recommendation never bothered to and they never had the fortitude to tell me they were not going to sign them. Maybe it was a good thing that I did not go to graduate school then.

It took me five years to realize I should enter the teaching field, but the economy crashed and it took me another two years afterwards for me to start on my subject tests so I could enter a credentialing program. When I passed my second out of third subject test I was thinking I should start the program now.

I realized that Cal Poly Pomona needed extra requirements such as prior involvement in education like how the plumbers union asks only asks friends and family members of plumbers in order to get in. So I investigated Western Governor’s University. It sounded great that I could do most of my coursework at home at my own schedule mostly, but they had some prerequisites before I was able to start the process. So I got delayed for a good year and a half in trying to meet the prerequisites that I finally met.

Now the cost of college is going up thanks to congress and President Obama. I put both sides at fault because President Obama blew the piggy bank and Paul Ryan is too austere for his own good. I do recognize that it costs six billion to fund the subsidy, but if progress can not be made we can meet each other halfway at 5.1 percent.

I am expected to borrow $10,000 and with the unsubsidized rate it is going to be a regressive 56 bucks in interest each month. Perhaps I am spoiled by my fixed 2.875 percent rate from my degree I am still paying for, but if tax cuts for the wealthy do not need to be paid for how come student loan subsidies have to be paid for? At least with my low yet reasonable rate I am still able to pay down that loan abet slowly.

I understand we want people to follow their dreams, but dead end degrees cost both the taxpayer and the student big time. Not all degrees are dead end degrees, but if the student is not going to do much with the degree then we are going to cause more problems in the long run. One of my Facebook friends is a big advocate of the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics fields where if you enter in a field that has ties to these sectors you will do very well. History or Sociology may not give people the big pay, but I would not be as selective when people choose bachelor degrees in various humanities fields.

When we have limited resources we have to make sure we can give people the maximum opportunities for the least possible price. I would like to see better counseling services so we can maximize the opportunities for both the students and the taxpayer. We need to ask students the big question, what profession or what job opportunities do you expect if you obtain this degree? It may be nice to have a barista at Starbucks that you can chat about Election 2012 with, but that is a waste of potential.

I would like to see the student loan system restructured to state, the more you borrow the higher the interest. Borrow from 0 to 15k in a year you would get a 3.4 percent rate, anything from 15001 to 30k would be like 4 percent, anything 30001 to 50k would be 5 percent, and 50001 and above would be 6 percent. So if you borrow 16500, the first 15 thousand would be at 3.4 percent and the last 1500 would be at 4 percent. The more you borrow, the more you would need to pay.

And since we can not escape these loans with bankruptcy, we should make these loans easier to pay off. We do not want to cripple people to where they end up causing more trouble than they are worth. And we give banks lower rates than students, what a crime.