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Dish Network Without AMC

Today is July 1st and Dish Network got disconnected from AMC. My sister loves their programs, but I am only the person paying the bill. So this means no Breaking Bad, Mad Men or Walking Dead for the millions of Dish Network customers.

So what are you going to do my fellow Dish Network customers? If you are still under a contract like myself and countless others we have to use workarounds from visiting torrents or getting legal copies of programs from Amazon or iTunes.

Is it about AMC being greedy due to having three or four successful programs? Is it about a jilted business deal about HDTV programming with Dish Network? Perhaps it is about both issues that makes it a bloody mess.

Just be careful if you switch content providers, because they can also have contract problems just as much as AT&T U-Verse having problems with AMC recently, but they did kiss and make up.

My contract ends on August 6th and Dish Network might lose me if they do not negotiate properly with AMC.

Until then fire up your XBOX 360 or Playstation 3 and buy your programs a la carte.

Want some culture?

If you were lucky enough to be in the route of the elevated mass, that 340 ton stone that took a very slow journey to downtown Los Angeles, you can get some free admission to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

From June 24th to July 1st you can get free admission if you live in one of the zip codes that was part of the route of that rock. If you live in the area that covers this blog, you are more than likely part of this promotion such as the zip code of 91762. Unfortunately people in northern Upland 91784 are not eligible.

Summer Time Music


Primary season is over and there is nothing much on my mind right now aside from cementing 11,000 more in student loan debt for a teaching credential.

Here are some good songs.

Saint Etienne has their first new release in over six years with their album “Words and Music”. This song is entitled Tonight

Scissor Sisters have a new release called Magic Hour, and the first single is entitled Shady Love.

What is your favorite song of the summer? Tuesday I am awaiting the new Rush and Hot Chip releases.

Dish Network Pissing Match Over AMC

We are faced with another carriage dispute for Dish Network. AMC, also known as American Movie Classics is going to be removed soon from our Dish Network service.

Dish Network said they resented the fees that they had to pay to transmit the networks of AMC on their service because they said there was low ratings. But Walking Dead and Mad Men have generated exceptional audiences for AMC.

AMC has been moved for the time being at channel 9609 to annoy the executives at AMC where their channel used to reside at channel 130. My sister was yelling recently wondering where the network was residing until I had to give her the news.

For the time being the channels of the AMC networks are not removed, but there is a possibility that this will happen. I know Charlie and the Dolan Family of AMC/Cablevision want to make the highest profits possible and not alienate their customers, but it seems there is so much bad blood between these two groups it leads to customers being collateral damage.

If there is no renewal expect AMC affiliated networks such as AMC, WE and IFC to disappear July 1st. AMC thinks its retaliation for the 2.5 billion dollar lawsuit when Dish Network ditched their carriage of their HD networks from their corporate cousins Cablevision. But I think it is also Dish making sure that our rates do not go sky high through the roof as well.

Walking Dead and Mad Men may be exceptional programming, but going from 26 cents a month to 50 cents a month may be rather extreme, perhaps a gradual increase to 35 cents a month might be a more palatable compromise so we do not get more bill creep.

No content delivery platform is perfect, there will be carriage issues with Direc TV and even Time Warner Cable. Perhaps we need an outside mediator that could work a deal between the parties so we can get the networks we want and a fair price for all parties.

Many of us are fed up that our bills are eclipsing $70 to even $100 dollars a month. I do recognize we want high quality programming, but the content providers are pricing themselves out for many people where they want to cut the cord and buy shows ala carte from places such as Amazon and ITunes.

Maybe we need ala carte pricing so we can design our own channel lineups and pay for the channels we honestly want and need.

Robin Bertolucci Jumps the Shark


Hello Robin,

I know you are one of the most highly rated program directors in the United States, but your decision about suspending John and Ken from your station was one instance of jumping the shark. Learning how to give up KFI will be hard, but I am giving your competition a chance until you apologize to the listeners of your station.

There is a double standard where you can be politically incorrect about a white deceased singer, but when you make politically incorrect jokes about a black deceased singer all fire and brimstone is laid upon your employees. How about uniform standards Ms.Beterlucci!

I am considering other options instead of other Clear Channel stations, I am listening to KABC, and I have instead of local radio stations that Clear Channel owns because they don’t do free form radio and it’s the same old playlists.

John and Ken are equal opportunity offenders and they will offend anyone no matter what ethnicity, religion or sexuality the individual may be.


Matthew Munson

P.S If you want to send a message visit this site for a petition.

Food Talk: Maple Bacon Sundae

I decided to go on an impulse purchase at Denny’s and get the Maple Bacon Sundae and I wish I did not make the purchase. My sister and her boyfriend were talking about this twisted creation and I interjected that I wanted to try it, and now I did.

Basically it is about 3 scoops of ice cream and 2 strips of bacon spread out throughout each scoop covered in maple syrup. It started out ok at first bite, but when I got halfway done with the desert I felt like I had enough.

This desert can be found at your local Denny’s branch for $2.99 as part of their bacon promotion called Baconalia for the next 60 days. Bacon is a nice snack, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Id rather go for the six pieces of bacon added to some of their breakfast items instead.

I think if Denny’s had an encore of this infamous treat, they need to cut it down 1 scoop and reduce the price down to $2.49 because most people do not have the strong stomachs to handle this. Click the link to see a picture of the decadent treat.

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EMusic, the good times will likely have to end.

It seems whenever Emusic, the internet music download store changes their policies their consumers or members get the raw end of the deal.

With their new change in policy today (November 18, 2010), you end up getting less and end up paying much more.

This month’s batch of music I got was

Royksopp, Senior

Chromeo, Business Casual

and Fish, 13th Star

That eats up 29 credits out of the 30 I received before they did the changeover of their download system.

From the pro-rated credits I got for the 1 track I did not download, I got 0.50. But when the new refresh starts in December I would only get $13.99 which is quite less than pro-rated credit I received for that 1 credit.

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Captain of Poetry

I wrote a mother load of poetry from 1995-2005. I also have two books from my great grandmother who also wrote collections of poetry throughout her life. I am thinking of getting in the publishing business and releasing a poetry book of my own with two of the books my great grandmother wrote.

Susan Straight may not believe I could write short stories to save my life in a lower division creative writing class at UC Riverside, but I could indeed write the poetry.

I think the big issue for me is to renew the copyrights for my great grandmother’s work and perhaps sell them on the Nook Store at Barnes and Noble for like 2.49 a book and perhaps release a book where both of them  be printed together on a hardcover book for those who like the printed word on paper.

Handel Roast

I was invited by my family to attend the Handel morning show anniversary show in Anaheim, California. Since the economy is rough particularly in California they took mercy on the audience and made the ticket price 20 dollars not including parking or ticketbastard fees.

I have not listened to KFI host Bill Handel’s program thoughly as I used to in the past, but I knew most of the basic facts that lead to comedy fodder like Bill is cheap, Bill has a small knob. The theme of the show was a roast simular to what the Friar’s Club typically has done.

Unlike a typical roast, the audience and Bill’s soon to be former co-worker Dr.Laura also got roasted as part of the jokes between sketches. These listener events allow the show’s crew to be creative without the limitations of the FCC.

The audience was middle aged, but the humor was universal. I hope next year’s event is held in a bigger venue. The Grove of Anaheim was too crampt and it was a pain to get out of the venue. The Grove is more meant for general admission rock concerts. The Pomona Fox Theater would suit better.

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