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My Disgust Is Bi-Partisan

Yes, many of you read my column how Supervisor Curt Hagman is cowardly by being evasive on his position on the toll roads in San Bernardino County. I am also not happy with the woman who won the race against me for State Senate, Senator Connie Leyva as well. Connie is the lead author of the bill that authorizes toll roads on I-10 and I-15.

I thought Connie also was supposed to be a steward of the working class. Maybe she is hoping that the SANBAG written bill she carried to the state legislature will hire union workers to retrofit the freeways into partial tolled highways. Also if you live in Assembly District 47, the “sensible” Democratic Party legislator is not exactly your friend. Cheryl Brown is the lead Assembly author for the toll roads bill. So if Gil Navarro runs in 2016, feel free to ask him questions about the toll road issue.

I thought we elected Curt Hagman to put forth a conservative voice in the Board of Supervisors, but he sold his political soul for political expediency. If we wanted someone for big government projects such as these toll roads we should of elected Gloria Negrette McLeod or even Connie Leyva to claim the post. I would rather have the real thing than the fake thing sitting on the dais.

Just because someone has the magic letter R next to their partisan registration does not make them the magical politician. Your ideas matter and they affect the people of our communities. People need to ask the tough questions in both Tea Party and local Democratic Party supper clubs to their political candidates. for the next election cycle. Political candidates need to be held accountable.

T-Mobile Simple Choice

It seems Simple Choice is not simple indeed, problem with T-Mobile its just another way to raise your costs. If you do not have a family who wants to save money in collaboration, you are screwed.

I think Simple Choice is a covert way to increase revenue, yes T-Mobile is just as shifty as Verizon and ATT. I listened to John’s sales pitch about how the number one and number two carriers are milking the customer with overages and wasted extra data because people do not want to get hit with an overage.

I think T-Mobile and its ownership group are right that if prices are increased churn is going to happen. So T-Mobile has to add extra goodies to customers to maximize the average revenue per user which is a big metric from the mobile industry. Double the data did sound nice, but the problem is they added an extra 5 to 15 dollar premium on the plans now. Unlimited will cost 95 dollars now just as how unlimited is 70 dollars at Sprint.

Also grandfathered discounts from private sector employers and government discounts are not valid for these new “amped” plans.

I am seriously thinking of using JUMP 1 to JUMP to a real cheap phone and pay it off, and then go to Cricket or Simple Mobile. Even if bandwidth is limited to 8mb, I am still ok with that.

I certainly do not want to go to Verizon where my sister and her boyfriend reside, but I wish they could go to T-Mobile with me, but no matter what Verizon says or does they will be stuck with them in a blood covenant.

I hope more companies make phones that are not confined to 1 company. I would of loved to see LG make an unlocked phone that is not reliant on a carrier. So you can use it on MetroPCS, T-Mobile, ATT, or Cricket. I love my G4, but it sucks that they did not shout to the viewers of the pep rally that it is 65 a month not 60 a month for that new spangled 6gb plan that seems rather tempting.

And if I do send back that router that T-Mobile let me use, I am absolutely going to buy insurance just incase if their depot loses the router and then I get billed for it.

As what Rush sung a long time ago, You don’t get something for nothing, you don’t get freedom for free.

Two Ideas for Chaffey Joint Unified School District

Two different magnet school proposals I would like to propose and expand on if given the opportunity to be a representative of the governing board of the district of the Chaffey Joint Unified School District.

First proposal: Chaffey Middle College High School – This would be a school organized with a partnership with Chaffey College. Students would earn earn credits towards an AA degree in addition to their high school diploma. We would likely need to do this in collaboration with the other feeder districts of Chaffey College. If there are students who want to collaborate and enrich themselves with expanded learning this would be a perfect opportunity. This also is an opportunity for students also to get a second chance with their education as well.

Santa Ana and San Bernardino both have this program and it would be worth the consideration for us to implement this for the students in our communities.

Second proposal: Vocational Magnet School – This school would be designed to get students interested and involved with various career fields such as auto repair, carpentry, computer repair/networking, cooking and fashion design. This would mix standard high school classes with an emphasis in the skills needed to do various trades and vocations the students want to explore and get involved in.

I am thinking ahead for the people of our community.

Political Parties and Donations

I know political parties can not exist on an empty gas tank. They need money to fuel a vision for our state and counties. Even though I have donated 290 dollars for dues and convention fees to the California Republican Party, I am tapped out for the year. Not all donors are wealthy as Charles Munger Jr or have connections to other donors such as our incumbent Republican legislators.

I have been called for the last three times and told the guy no. I said I have been tapped out after going to the convention in September and my fun money dried out. If I am able to donate further, I would either give it to my county party or an ideological group in the party such as the California Republican Liberty Caucus or the California Log Cabin Republicans.

I thought the platform committee experience would be ran fair and it would have been significant and that is why I invested money to attend the Anaheim convention, but after realizing how the process was ran, I wish I just bought Dodgers playoff tickets instead. Compared to other delegates, I attended when half the delegates decided not to show up to the platform committee. Perhaps my 95 dollars would of gone better if it was not given to the convention, but for the state or federal political account.

I know from what Chairman Jim Brulte has said in the past that we should not expect the state party to pay for mailers for marginal races, but we should at least give the candidates the tools to be better spokespeople for the cause. Make Trailblazers more accessible to the Republican Party activist who wants to go to the next level as a county, state or federal candidate. Offer voter data files to the nominees who decide to run in Democratic Party dominated districts. If the state party does stuff like this, then candidates and former nominees would be more thankful for the effort provided and may top up their dues 50, 100 or even 250 bucks beyond the minimum expected.

With Republicans Like These Why Vote Republican?

A Republican Party endorsement is not necessarily the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. The San Bernardino County Party chair does exclaim the need to elect local Republicans to city councils and as members of the County Board of Supervisors, but after the previous election I am starting to question the need or why to vote for these individuals if many of them are behaving badly to their local constituents.

We have council members in Fontana and Upland forcing development plans that many of its residents do not want to see happen such as stacking thousands of apartments in massive clusters. We have the mayor of Rancho Cucamonga Dennis Michael also praising these utopian sustainable development policies such as removing car lanes so people can bicycle even though many of us may be living 10-20 miles from our workplace and Omnitrans does not have 24-hour service and not as frequent as the Los Angeles Metro system to justify replacing cars with mass transit. Also I understand that local officials have to have amicable relations with higher office elected, but at least don’t gush like a school girl when it comes to your Democratic Party congress member.

If I wanted politicians who wanted stack and pack apartment housing or sustainable development initiatives, I would vote for an actual progressive Democrat and not a Republican who claims to be a conservative.

Ice Skating in Lake Arrowhead?

I received word that local people in the mountain communities were interested in resurrecting the Ice Castle skating rink in Lake Arrowhead. The proponents did a petition to lobby their county supervisor and the state legislator in their area to advocate for government aid to fix up the place.

I do agree that more recreation facilities are a good idea for communities. However it might take the community to barn storm for their facility. More jobs created directly and indirectly would be a benefit. If we want future figure skaters or hockey players we need a facility that could serve the general public of that community.

Janice Rutherford of the 2nd District San Bernardino County Supervisor did state it would be nice to have that facility re-open, but government financing of this establishment would not be a good idea. However we should use the resources of the county economic development agency to help find investors to jump in. Perhaps we could see the Ducks, Kings and US Figure Skating to provide some sponsorships to help repair the facility and get a group to take it over or manage it for the current owner who re-located to Palm Desert.

This petition has been around for two years, but if the community wants to make it happen they need to band together.

Resist the Top 2 Urge to Sit Races Out

Democrat on Democrat races should be avoided big time. Republicans should contest all legislative races when they can. Moderate Democrats are just as rare as finding gnomes that steal your missing socks. Republicans need to make Democrats work twice as hard to earn that second Top 2 spot in heavily Democratic Party districts.

Again, I do agree with California Conservative commentator Stephen Frank about why we should not drop out from elections to make a two candidate same party general election. I could only imagine if Alfonso Sanchez ran against Connie Leyva in that November general election and won, he would be voting for most of the tripe Connie has voted in her year in office in Senate District 20. A progressive is a progressive no matter if he or she has a Chamber of Commerce endorsement. We would of likely seen Alfonso vote for SB 4 to strain fiscally constrained Medi-Cal to undocumented Californians when we are struggling to pay medical providers and find new ones that would accept the low reimbursement rates. Or laws such as SB 600 to provide anti-discrimination protection to undocumented illegal Californians due to their citizenship and lack of speaking the English language.

Even if your local party is not going to give you the 1000 or 1700 dollar checks to run for state legislature or congress, run as a write in if your legislator is unopposed. Make it where legislators have to earn their seats instead of being simply anointed. Ignore calls from the Chamber of Commerce encouraging you to drop out of the race, because we have to demand that Chamber of Commerce endorsed Democrats must earn their street credibility.

Say no to the establishment, no one is anointed.

What does it mean to be an Anti-Vaxxer


Many people called anti vaxxers are fully vaccinated and have vaccinated their children. Some of these persons saw regression of skills happen with their children or auto immune issues, eczema, allergies, asthma etc. and decided to opt out of one or more vaccine or slow down/space out the vaccine schedule and they are called anti-vaxxers as well.

Its a phrase used to villify, to instill fear and to create the illusion usually in the media that anyone who does not comply with the vaccine schedule is against vaccines.

Most anti-vaxxers started out being very pro vaccines until their child was injured and then they weren’t.

-Submitted Urban Dictionary entry that was rejected by their editors that was submitted by a vaccine reform activist.

Saving Taxpayer Money with CATS

As a constituent of Supervisor Hagman I wanted to ask for his help in improving animal services in our county in particular when it comes to cats. I asked my supervisor to work with his colleagues to make their animal control centers work as effectively as Pomona’s Inland Valley Humane Society which services many cities in our district.

After waiting a week, I got an answer that was not helpful back. The letter only regurgitated what the Inland Valley Humane Society does and did not discuss what the county could do to reduce the number of cats that populate the animal services facilities. I was asking for the county to do a trial on trap, neuter and return so we can reduce the endless population of unwanted felines and reduce the number we have to put down which would help save taxpayer’s money.

I thought a supervisor like mine would value the idea of saving taxpayer money. Or maybe Greg Devereaux is not letting my supervisor be the supervisor he can be for the people of our district.

To be fair to the supervisor, some of the shelter managers in the county system are entrenched which makes implementing reforms very difficult and some of these managers are beloved by some of the other supervisors. I am not expecting instant salvation, but we need to acknowledge the problem and do solutions that could make a horrendous problem not as horrendous.

Platform Committee Improvements for 2019

I think we should give draft platforms in the California Republican Party a chance to be read instead of railroading a preferred draft platform. The chair of the committee should be able to choose 3 of their favorite draft platforms maybe with consultation with the CRP board of directors and then all 3 of them are given 5 minutes to be discussed why each one should be approved or opposed.

I also think that amendments on the floor during the convention should be able to be selected by electronic vote on either mobile phones or wi-fi devices. Instead of people racing to the microphone to select an amendment we would have a quick electronic vote. 90 second vote to use the device and people would be selecting the amendment that would have higher priority. For example Crime and Punishment, Senator Nielsen was first at the microphone, but Matt Heath’s competing amendment lost because the outcome was already fixed. If people used their devices and said we want to hear Marty Wilson’s amendment over Heath’s 61 to 39 percent, I think that would make people feel better that we are not purposely overlooking amendments or things are just basically predetermined.

The leadership in the state party does pride themselves in being innovative, we could hopefully trial using electronic voting during floor sessions as well too in the future. Our previous associate representative in 2013 Aaron Gin is a technologist, we should maybe come up with ways to use technology better to run certain meetings better that have higher numbers.