Plan Ahead My Friends

I learned from the Leadership Institute that we need to plan ahead at least a year before you start to run for a political campaign from city council to state legislature. There are many things that need to be done when you run for office such as getting your website made, deciding on your key campaign themes, finding a campaign treasurer and other support staff. The filing period is happening, and individuals are not thinking about the probability of Republicans having to endure Democrat on Democrat General Elections next November 2024.

Those who studied Political Science or have been involved in elections should realize that unlike a parliamentary system, American elections are candidate centered. Your state or county Republican Party does not in fact recruit candidates, but they might give them a donation or some coaching to be a better candidate. If you see no candidate filing report for a district you are looking to run for, go ahead and make the decision to run. Consult your family, friends and loved ones before running, but Republican votes should be fought for instead of surrendered where some county parties such as Los Angeles would rather see seats uncontested so the chairman could appoint their friends to those vacant state party appointments.

Assembly District 41 and 50 need candidates at the time of publication and they are open seats with no incumbents. Assembly District 41 covers the San Gabriel Mountain communities in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties from Pasadena, Claremont, Wrightwood, North Upland and North Rancho Cucamonga. Assembly District 50 includes south Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Colton, Loma Linda and half of Redlands.

If you plan ahead now you can get your nomination signatures without having to stress about meeting the filing deadline and losing your fee and not getting on the ballot. Each signature received in the early signatures in lieu of filing fee period also provides a discount off the filing fee which is 1% of the current wage of the office ran for. State legislature is around 1200 dollars and congress is around 1700, US Senate is around 3400.

Dates to Consider

November 8 deadline to turn in signatures in lieu of filing fee for candidacy.

November 13 is the day people can start their candidacy paperwork and pay their filing fees.

December 8th is the day people need to get their paperwork turned in so they do not lose their filing fee and remain on the ballot for the primary.