Stupid Ballot Measures Should Not Be the Reason to End Direct Democracy in California


Direct democracy used to be affordable in California, pay 200 dollars, write your petition to the Attorney General of California and you would be able to submit your ballot measure petition to be sent to the voters to sign to get it placed on the ballot if you had the money and the signatures required plus another 20 percent to cover any errors.

2015 led to a troll who wrote a ballot measure to ask for homosexual people to be executed and those who promoted “sodomistic propaganda” be massively fined and jailed for up to 10 years which led to direct democracy to be restricted in our state. The ballot measure was extreme and led to a massive outcry where the filing fee got increased to 2000 bucks, but this did not stop a new proponent who decided to implement an idea making abortion first degree murder. Even if one thinks abortion is the murder of innocent unborn people, this does not lead to good optics in a state such as California.

Just as how Democrats are trying to nerf the recall system because it’s not going their way, I do fear that Direct Democracy will be curtailed due to this stupid ballot measure even though it’s highly unlikely it will get the required signatures. Yes, I got slammed by Planned Parenthood and Senator Leyva calling me a Pro-Life extremist, but if we want to fight against Abortion rights extremists this ballot measure is not the tool either. You must do it incrementally such as a ballot measure protecting the right to life pregnancy centers where they would not be forced to advocate for abortion.

If we want to reduce the number of trolls and protect the right of direct democracy in California we need a kill switch that would curtail the crazy ideas or make them harder to pass. Perhaps make it where the ballot measure must pass in two consecutive cycles by majority vote or by two thirds vote in one election to adapt ideas from Nevada into our state.

Most ballot measures are mainstream, but the voice of the public should not be curtailed because its outside the political norm of the majority party either. It would be like if Republicans in California wanted to limit the power of taxation in our state or Democrats in Texas wanted to protect transgender children in schools. However, the irony is that the “Progressives” of the Democratic Party want to undo the major reforms of the founder of California progressive politics.

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