Expanding the California State Assembly Ideologically

Secretary of State Alex Padilla may want our state and local governments have ethnic diversity, but how about ideological diversity. My idea is a party list system that helps ideological minority political parties have a chance at representing voters. I want to have 40 extra assembly seats for each senate district that would allow for a minority political party have a chance IF both assembly districts nested in a state senate district are controlled by one party where they would be ineligible to run for that seat. The county chairs of the political parties recognized by the state would nominate their party list nominees to be placed on the ballot.

The rule would be where party list nominated candidates have to be registered as that political party for at least four years so the system would not be gamed as how in Washington DC where the political minority in the dominantly Democratic Party are offered two seats and Democrats drop their party affiliation in order to run in those.

Yes, Democrats can run in these party list seats and win some just as much as Republicans could gain an opportunity with this proposal. Parties such as Peace and Freedom and Libertarian Party can gain with this proposal where in Berkeley or San Francisco where the Republican Party would not have strong odds.

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