Spay and Neuter Awareness

I am getting fed up of seeing cowards surrendering their pets at the door steps of animal rescues or veterinarian offices.  I would like to see greater awareness of spay and neuter programs in our area.

I would like local water agencies to partner with their local animal control agency to promote those spay and neuter events or even animal care events such as any vaccines since it would be an easy way to reach out to the general public. One small flyer bundled in should not add anything except the cost to insert the flyers into the bills.

Let your city council and or water agency know about this idea so we can make this happen state wide.

For communities such as San Bernardino, I would like to see incentives such as offering fast food or grocery cards for people who spay and neuter their pets such as 15 dollars for 1 animal and 25 if you bring in more than 1. Maybe maximum of two vouchers per household, but it would lead to people wanting to do something beneficial for their animals. I do not expect the city to pay for a program like this, but if it could be underwritten by donations maybe it could lead to a meaningful impact so we can reduce the number of unwanted pets in an economically crippled city.

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