The Fight for 15 Backfires

The fight for 15 dollars an hour is going to backfire in the long run as how it recently flared up at LAX Airport today. I am fearful for myself and countless thousands of workers who will become casualties in this fight when business owners start to tell their employees they are no longer needed or hours get cut because labor costs go through the roof. In my small business employer, there is no longer raises because the minimum wage is going up so fast each year where the state basically determines your wage. Leading fast food chains are now implementing kiosks instead of having cashiers and other jobs will be automated as well.

Education should be the way for the majority. For those individuals over 60 perhaps give a tax credit to help boost their pay to help supplement their social security or other retirement savings. It seems unions are using the minimum wage to determine raises for their members at the detriment of nonunion workers.

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