My Disgust Is Bi-Partisan

Yes, many of you read my column how Supervisor Curt Hagman is cowardly by being evasive on his position on the toll roads in San Bernardino County. I am also not happy with the woman who won the race against me for State Senate, Senator Connie Leyva as well. Connie is the lead author of the bill that authorizes toll roads on I-10 and I-15.

I thought Connie also was supposed to be a steward of the working class. Maybe she is hoping that the SANBAG written bill she carried to the state legislature will hire union workers to retrofit the freeways into partial tolled highways. Also if you live in Assembly District 47, the “sensible” Democratic Party legislator is not exactly your friend. Cheryl Brown is the lead Assembly author for the toll roads bill. So if Gil Navarro runs in 2016, feel free to ask him questions about the toll road issue.

I thought we elected Curt Hagman to put forth a conservative voice in the Board of Supervisors, but he sold his political soul for political expediency. If we wanted someone for big government projects such as these toll roads we should of elected Gloria Negrette McLeod or even Connie Leyva to claim the post. I would rather have the real thing than the fake thing sitting on the dais.

Just because someone has the magic letter R next to their partisan registration does not make them the magical politician. Your ideas matter and they affect the people of our communities. People need to ask the tough questions in both Tea Party and local Democratic Party supper clubs to their political candidates. for the next election cycle. Political candidates need to be held accountable.

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