T-Mobile Simple Choice

It seems Simple Choice is not simple indeed, problem with T-Mobile its just another way to raise your costs. If you do not have a family who wants to save money in collaboration, you are screwed.

I think Simple Choice is a covert way to increase revenue, yes T-Mobile is just as shifty as Verizon and ATT. I listened to John’s sales pitch about how the number one and number two carriers are milking the customer with overages and wasted extra data because people do not want to get hit with an overage.

I think T-Mobile and its ownership group are right that if prices are increased churn is going to happen. So T-Mobile has to add extra goodies to customers to maximize the average revenue per user which is a big metric from the mobile industry. Double the data did sound nice, but the problem is they added an extra 5 to 15 dollar premium on the plans now. Unlimited will cost 95 dollars now just as how unlimited is 70 dollars at Sprint.

Also grandfathered discounts from private sector employers and government discounts are not valid for these new “amped” plans.

I am seriously thinking of using JUMP 1 to JUMP to a real cheap phone and pay it off, and then go to Cricket or Simple Mobile. Even if bandwidth is limited to 8mb, I am still ok with that.

I certainly do not want to go to Verizon where my sister and her boyfriend reside, but I wish they could go to T-Mobile with me, but no matter what Verizon says or does they will be stuck with them in a blood covenant.

I hope more companies make phones that are not confined to 1 company. I would of loved to see LG make an unlocked phone that is not reliant on a carrier. So you can use it on MetroPCS, T-Mobile, ATT, or Cricket. I love my G4, but it sucks that they did not shout to the viewers of the pep rally that it is 65 a month not 60 a month for that new spangled 6gb plan that seems rather tempting.

And if I do send back that router that T-Mobile let me use, I am absolutely going to buy insurance just incase if their depot loses the router and then I get billed for it.

As what Rush sung a long time ago, You don’t get something for nothing, you don’t get freedom for free.

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