Two Ideas for Chaffey Joint Unified School District

Two different magnet school proposals I would like to propose and expand on if given the opportunity to be a representative of the governing board of the district of the Chaffey Joint Unified School District.

First proposal: Chaffey Middle College High School – This would be a school organized with a partnership with Chaffey College. Students would earn earn credits towards an AA degree in addition to their high school diploma. We would likely need to do this in collaboration with the other feeder districts of Chaffey College. If there are students who want to collaborate and enrich themselves with expanded learning this would be a perfect opportunity. This also is an opportunity for students also to get a second chance with their education as well.

Santa Ana and San Bernardino both have this program and it would be worth the consideration for us to implement this for the students in our communities.

Second proposal: Vocational Magnet School – This school would be designed to get students interested and involved with various career fields such as auto repair, carpentry, computer repair/networking, cooking and fashion design. This would mix standard high school classes with an emphasis in the skills needed to do various trades and vocations the students want to explore and get involved in.

I am thinking ahead for the people of our community.

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