Ice Skating in Lake Arrowhead?

I received word that local people in the mountain communities were interested in resurrecting the Ice Castle skating rink in Lake Arrowhead. The proponents did a petition to lobby their county supervisor and the state legislator in their area to advocate for government aid to fix up the place.

I do agree that more recreation facilities are a good idea for communities. However it might take the community to barn storm for their facility. More jobs created directly and indirectly would be a benefit. If we want future figure skaters or hockey players we need a facility that could serve the general public of that community.

Janice Rutherford of the 2nd District San Bernardino County Supervisor did state it would be nice to have that facility re-open, but government financing of this establishment would not be a good idea. However we should use the resources of the county economic development agency to help find investors to jump in. Perhaps we could see the Ducks, Kings and US Figure Skating to provide some sponsorships to help repair the facility and get a group to take it over or manage it for the current owner who re-located to Palm Desert.

This petition has been around for two years, but if the community wants to make it happen they need to band together.

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