Resist the Top 2 Urge to Sit Races Out

Democrat on Democrat races should be avoided big time. Republicans should contest all legislative races when they can. Moderate Democrats are just as rare as finding gnomes that steal your missing socks. Republicans need to make Democrats work twice as hard to earn that second Top 2 spot in heavily Democratic Party districts.

Again, I do agree with California Conservative commentator Stephen Frank about why we should not drop out from elections to make a two candidate same party general election. I could only imagine if Alfonso Sanchez ran against Connie Leyva in that November general election and won, he would be voting for most of the tripe Connie has voted in her year in office in Senate District 20. A progressive is a progressive no matter if he or she has a Chamber of Commerce endorsement. We would of likely seen Alfonso vote for SB 4 to strain fiscally constrained Medi-Cal to undocumented Californians when we are struggling to pay medical providers and find new ones that would accept the low reimbursement rates. Or laws such as SB 600 to provide anti-discrimination protection to undocumented illegal Californians due to their citizenship and lack of speaking the English language.

Even if your local party is not going to give you the 1000 or 1700 dollar checks to run for state legislature or congress, run as a write in if your legislator is unopposed. Make it where legislators have to earn their seats instead of being simply anointed. Ignore calls from the Chamber of Commerce encouraging you to drop out of the race, because we have to demand that Chamber of Commerce endorsed Democrats must earn their street credibility.

Say no to the establishment, no one is anointed.

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