Saving Taxpayer Money with CATS

As a constituent of Supervisor Hagman I wanted to ask for his help in improving animal services in our county in particular when it comes to cats. I asked my supervisor to work with his colleagues to make their animal control centers work as effectively as Pomona’s Inland Valley Humane Society which services many cities in our district.

After waiting a week, I got an answer that was not helpful back. The letter only regurgitated what the Inland Valley Humane Society does and did not discuss what the county could do to reduce the number of cats that populate the animal services facilities. I was asking for the county to do a trial on trap, neuter and return so we can reduce the endless population of unwanted felines and reduce the number we have to put down which would help save taxpayer’s money.

I thought a supervisor like mine would value the idea of saving taxpayer money. Or maybe Greg Devereaux is not letting my supervisor be the supervisor he can be for the people of our district.

To be fair to the supervisor, some of the shelter managers in the county system are entrenched which makes implementing reforms very difficult and some of these managers are beloved by some of the other supervisors. I am not expecting instant salvation, but we need to acknowledge the problem and do solutions that could make a horrendous problem not as horrendous.

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