Platform Committee Improvements for 2019

I think we should give draft platforms in the California Republican Party a chance to be read instead of railroading a preferred draft platform. The chair of the committee should be able to choose 3 of their favorite draft platforms maybe with consultation with the CRP board of directors and then all 3 of them are given 5 minutes to be discussed why each one should be approved or opposed.

I also think that amendments on the floor during the convention should be able to be selected by electronic vote on either mobile phones or wi-fi devices. Instead of people racing to the microphone to select an amendment we would have a quick electronic vote. 90 second vote to use the device and people would be selecting the amendment that would have higher priority. For example Crime and Punishment, Senator Nielsen was first at the microphone, but Matt Heath’s competing amendment lost because the outcome was already fixed. If people used their devices and said we want to hear Marty Wilson’s amendment over Heath’s 61 to 39 percent, I think that would make people feel better that we are not purposely overlooking amendments or things are just basically predetermined.

The leadership in the state party does pride themselves in being innovative, we could hopefully trial using electronic voting during floor sessions as well too in the future. Our previous associate representative in 2013 Aaron Gin is a technologist, we should maybe come up with ways to use technology better to run certain meetings better that have higher numbers.

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