Just Give Me The Updates T-Mobile

I am an over ten year customer of T-Mobile and I have a rant about their service. This is making me consider moving to Cricket in the near future. When you promote an update for one of the carrier devices you have you should make it possible for the customer to be able to install it.

Recently LG released an update for the G4 that was released on August 31st and countless others are still blocked from installing it even though your website and countless blogs are mentioning it because it has some vital updates in improving messaging security from the Stagefright exploit. I have had kittens waiting for other updates such as the Sony Xperia Z1S update last year and even the Z3 update. I felt that T-Mobile barely supports Sony phones so that is why I went with the LG G4, but it seems like if we want any respect we have to go with an iPhone in the near future.

I should not have to do a factory reset to get my update. I recently did a factory reset and I did not get the N update that was advertised.

I do feel that we will get Marshmallow (Android 6) on the G4 in a timely matter, but these faux pas incidents just sour me time after time.

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