Next Month Anaheim Awaits

The California Republican Party has their twice yearly event and it will be at the Anaheim Marriot on September 18-20th. I will be a delegate again. I am making sure I utilize my membership with the state party to the fullest.

Since I live nearby, I felt like I did not need to invest the extra 140 dollars for a Friday night room and will likely commute for a short visit on the 18th. These conventions can be so expensive. I went to the Sacramento convention and stayed at a hostel and it was not as fun.

I decided to splurge and get a room for one in Anaheim for Saturday night. Luckily my nominally paid job entitles me to a corporate discount at one of the hotels nearby. 113 a night beats the 129 at the main hotel.

Saturday is going to be the main event where the regional vice chair will likely have a contested race for the Inland Counties of our state and a potentially long platform committee hearing. It all depends on what potential amendments are going to be proposed to the platform committee members where 12% of the delegates are members of this committee.

I am hoping to provide a voice of reason in the platform committee. I hope not to be too liberal nor far right in my ideas and visions for the party. I want a platform that is honorable and results in less blowback for the party.

It is sad that my only vacations are the California Republican Party conventions. However these events are good for networking and for us to meet fellow like minded activists across the state.

I was hoping there would be unintentional cross marketing like what happened at the previous convention in 2013 where Gay Days shared the city with the Republicans, but they decided to run their event two weeks later.

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