What Would I Do For Chaffey College

If I ran for Chaffey College this would be my platform I would of talked about during the November 2015 election. However the filing period ended and I will likely cover that election in a future posting.

As Governing Board Member I want to think for the future of our college and work towards novel solutions to make the campus better for the stakeholders involved. Students, Staff/Faculty, Taxpayers and the Business community work together to make Chaffey College what it is.

Quality of Life
I support having food trucks to visit the Chino and Fontana campuses to provide food service at regular times Monday thru Friday with arrangement from the college bookstore to coordinate the service.
I support working with mobile phone providers to add any needed towers on our campuses to make sure our campus community has needed and reliable mobile phone coverage.
I would like to see the campus library be opened further during Finals week. Study rooms should have white boards so study groups could work out problems and organize their sessions.
General Public
I support investigating the idea of having our governing board divided into trustee districts as done in Riverside and Mont San Antonio Colleges which would prevent costly litigation and be forward thinking in response to future legislation that will likely force us to make the change such as the recent bill  AB 277 that is happening and we need to move ahead.
I support the idea of moving our elections to even years so it would be cheaper for us to run the elections which would provide the college more money in the bank to provide services.
I support initiatives to bring forth more educational opportunities to our students. With Common Core it has reduced access to advanced mathematics courses. We should be able to host classes at the member high schools in our community college district where students of the high school districts and the campus community could both partake in added mathematics sections. We should be able to expand access to mathematics and provide improved chances for our youth to get into the best colleges they can attend.
Integrated Math may be a good idea for most of the students, but we should still keep the pathways open for those who want to accelerate their mathematics studies.
Business Community
We need to work with the workforce investment board to figure out what industries need in their workforces and work towards helping businesses in our district to have an educated workforce.

If new programs need to be developed we can work each five years to re-evaluate our course catalog to offer classes and certificates in new subjects.

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