The History of the California Republican Party Platform

I was curious what was in the recent California Republican Party platforms from 1995, 2000 and 2004. I know the 2011 platform was based on the 2008 platform, but oddly enough our platform is based on a 16 year old document. I think its better to know what is in our past platforms to make a better informed vote at the convention in Anaheim as a delegate.

1995 Platform

This was a straightforward platform that was very lengthy with over thirty pages. It has some stuff that Republicans would squirm today such as advocacy for high speed rail. It regurgitated stuff that should of stayed in the federal platform which led to the increased length.

On LGBT issues, they express the position that non-straight people do not belong in the military and the preference for heterosexual relationships as the ideal for society.

There is some interesting language in the 1995 platform that could be helpful in a 2015 platform that could help us express our disapproval for SB 277.

Recognizing the family is the foundation of our society; that parents, as the leaders of the family, should be free from excessive and undue interference and intrusion from the state into matters relating to the family; and that parents are the people most capable of making decisions for and about their children; the Republican Party of California opposes:
* any effort that would weaken parents freedom of decision and freedom of choice and
* any abridgement of parental rights by the state.

I tried to write an amendment to the platform during the drafting committee on this subject recently, and they thought it was a pro-abortion amendment even though Planned Parenthood did spend big money against me last year.

The language I wrote stated this:

We support parental rights and individual choice in health care decisions. Only you and your doctor should be the arbiters of all medical decisions; not government healthcare mandates.

I vetted this with three other people who are not big fans of abortion and we did not see the reasons for opposition until the week of the drafting committee in August 2015.


2000 Platform

After realizing the 1995 platform was very long, the platform is much shorter and is reflective of documents of today.

The family plank adds statements exclaiming that LGBT people should not get any extra benefit under the law.

2004 Platform

The platform is basically the same as the 2000 platform however the Equal Opportunity plank adds the new language

We oppose any special privileges, rights, or accommodations based on sexual or behavioral preferences.

2008 and onwards.

The platform of today is based on the 2008 platform. It is basically has the same format as the 2000 and 2004 platforms. The moderates wanted a new platform instead of the same engine for three platforms in a row, but the conservatives fought back and we had the same platform as 2008 again. I think there is an opportunity for us to have a visionary document while making sure we make all sides of our team content in some aspect. We are a symphony and we need the assets of all our members. We may not agree entirely with each other, but we have skills and abilities to make California better.

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