Omnitrans Route Changes

Yes, there will be significant bus changes to the San Bernardino County bus agency that covers Montclair to Yucaipa starting September 8th. I was mostly pleased with some of the changes, but sadly the social media page only wants cheerleading responses to the announcement of their new bus book.
Ergo this leads towards me writing a blog post on my personal blog about the new changes. As how I am a semi regular user of public transportation in our region this does make some impact for myself.
Even if I do earn my long delayed drivers license there will still be times when I will need to use the bus system. Since I live in Ontario I will be mostly focusing on the west valley changes to the bus system.
The major complaint is that for many people you will not be able to rely on a single ride up or a single ride back for many destinations. It seems like the way the routes were made it led to a design where you will need to transfer to a second route to get to your destination. For me personally I would have to transfer to get to Montclair Plaza or Chaffey College compared to before. This is perceived as an indirect fare increase.

I think some of the problems could be alienated if the frequency in Route 84 was changed. I understand that Omnitrans will be looking at the passenger totals with these new routes to decide if any new realignments or frequencies have to be adjusted.
I was hoping for an expansion to Eastvale where people can transfer to Riverside (RTA Route 29) or Corona/Norco (RTA Route 3) so people can go to work to that part of Riverside easier. I appreciate the new Route 290 to San Bernardino which would be good for county employees and people who are needing to use county services such as the hospital. Hopefully the frequency for the route would be 30 minutes in the prime time and 60 minutes standard in the near future. Perhaps increase the price for that route by 50 cents for standard fare or 25 cents for senior/disabled to help pay for this new service.
Problem is we have limited money for public agencies, but laws such AB 32 (Cap and Trade Tax) and SB 350 (Ration Gasoline) are happening we have to promote comprehensive public transportation. If these two taxes are not able to provide transit funding, then why are we having these taxes on the public? Is it just for environmentalism or is it just to gouge the general public at the same time?

As a practitioner of public policy, it makes me wanting to become a city council member in the next decade.

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