Late Night Mass Transit Turns Into a Pumpkin at the Late of Night

Agencies such as SCAG and SANBAG want us to get out of our cars and use mass transit such as our local bus system or commuter rail such as Metrolink, but if we want to do activities such as attending a ball game at Dodger Stadium or a concert at the Wiltern people in many communities are stranded when many bus routes end service around 10 or 11 at night.
If we want to adapt the modern vision that many of these organizations want to advocate then they need to practice what they preach and release the Cap and Trade revenues to expand service around the clock. There are third shift workers at distribution centers in Ontario, Fontana and Moreno Valley who would need a ride home just as much as people wanting to do events in Los Angeles.
I am not expecting Metrolink to run rail cars after 10pm, but we could use buses to transport people to the Metrolink stations so we can save money and provide service as demanded. If we end up needing more than 4 buses due to this added service then we have an indicator to the agency that regular rail service would need to be added late at night.
Then for the people who work at the distribution centers perhaps the owners of the companies who have their centers there could help underwrite the routes or neutralize their cap and trade taxes in exchange for doing this for the local bus agencies in their area. This would also allow for more people to be able to be employed and bring forth more opportunity to the people in our region at the same time.

We have to be inventive if we want progress to happen in our society. If you want us not to be using cars, you have to deliver the goods to the people of Southern California.

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