Day of Silence

I entirely support GLSEN’s Day of Silence initiative. 2015’s event is on Friday April 17th. Students participating are being silent in solidarity against bullying and harassment in our schools of LGBT students.
When students are bullied and harassed in our schools it inhibits the educational potential of countless students. Students are afraid to admit the reason why they are being bullied and that helps create the unneeded silence to help provide an affirming educational space.
I can remember the time during my senior year when I left my fifth period class early because my bully did not like the fact that I was perceived to be queer. Other students and the teacher were bewildered why I was so eager to bolt out of the door. My bully also had class in the same building as my sixth period class and I was bolting out so I could go to my next class without much harassment.

Traditional values advocates may not be happy about events such as Day of Silence, but if students were able to learn in peace without harassment then the school environment would not needed to be politicized. Bullied students are not able to learn their reading, writing and mathematics when they are being fearful about going from class to class, going to school or going home after class.

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