Say NO To Proprietary Education

I am sending two of my local legislators in California and in Washington DC my suggestions in helping to improve the cost of higher education for students in our district, state and nation.

We should require any private school who receives Cal Grants, Pell Grants and Federal Student Loans to accept any lower division coursework from any accredited school. Also the private school courses need to be transferable back to the CSU and UC systems at the same time.

Having to repeat classes all over again is an added expense for students who want to attend a school of their choice. If an Algebra class or an English class is accredited it should be accepted by the student’s new school. Such as people going to Chaffey College and wanting to transfer to a school such as Otis Art College in Los Angeles and they end up rejecting the majority of the lower division courses the student has taken which adds more cost.

For example I went to an online school such as Western Governors University, at the last minute on my last semester I realized that they did not prepare me well and I withdrew from my student teaching program. I think the first semester that taught education fundamentals should at least give some credit to places such as Cal Poly Pomona or UC Riverside as an example. Proprietary classes are not a good thing for our students and taxpayers as a whole.

Adding changes to our higher education system would be very helpful and help save future students money and time by improving reciprocity in coursework to help meet students educational goals. 

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