It Is All About Jobs and Opportunity

My main theme of my campaign is about jobs and opportunity. Opportunity has been denied to countless Californian working families and small business thanks to my opponent and her friends. People are still unemployed and even though the unemployment number is low, it is still high when we account the people not participating in the workforce due to their discouragement.

My plan is simple, we need to stop discouraging the companies who would offer quality middle class jobs to help raise families and provide opportunities to Californians. Adding regulations to inhibit companies from setting up in our state is only creating the culture of dependency in our state. It is a victory when we get people into the workforce and improve their self-worth.

The red tape of requiring unionization before a business can operate is one way where we are not going to get big companies to operate. I do support elections for union organization, but card check is not a secret vote. No one wants to be harassed or intimidated for not going the union way because card check allows for co-workers and union leaders to know your vote. Palmdale is likely going to lose a manufacturing plant that is making light rail cars to other states because of the unions using government regulation on business.

We already lost Nestle, Toyota, Charles Schwab and the Starwood hotel call center to other states. Our business reputation is already worse than a direct to video movie release. Public services are not funded by fairy dust, it takes the private sector worker to help fund the public sector and if we want a healthy California we need to think of business to bring forth the jobs and opportunity to our state.

If you do not want California to be a walking advertisement for Arizona, Nevada, or Texas please vote for Matthew Munson for State Senate. Because my opponent is not going to listen to the businesses that will help grow our state and provide opportunity to the people of our region due to her wearing the union label on her sleeve.

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