My Letter on Common Core

Just has the Affordable Care Act has rolled out to the general public, the introduction of the federalized Common Core education standards are coming to a California classroom near you. Despite the sugar coated platitudes from the textbook publishers, politicians and the education establishment it is going to lead our youth to a road of ruin.

One of the reasons why I am against Common Core is because it is designed to lead students to less than optimal educational standards. For those who are gifted or exceptional in Mathematics, Algebra II will be the highest they will let kids attain in high school in many school districts. Say goodbye to Trigonometry and Calculus which helps our students to become future scientists and engineers. Even Arcadia’s school board attempted to strip out junior level AP English class and have those students mixed into a general class instead. These actions are a strong disservice to gifted and talented students in our classrooms where they will just be mindless cogs in the educational system.

Feel free to ask the tough questions to your school districts and your political candidates running for office this election season. The future of your children is in their hands because they shape the educational policy that can affect their lives.

Matthew Munson

Ontario, California

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