Dish Network Failed to Get Us Back

We had a very simple request for Dish Network to keep our business for the last 13 years. They needed to send my sister a different DVR box and swap the old one that failed to do its job. Since they refused to do so, we went to Time Warner Cable.
The Dodgers on Time Warner Cable was not the primary motivator. It was when my sister called Dish Network and tried to get technical support for her device, she had to do the generic trouble shooting flow chart and then after that did not do anything to her satisfaction I said we should jump the ship and we did. All we wanted to do was to swap the DVR unit out with a replacement one.

Our current bills were the following:
Internet  54.99
Local Phone Service 45.00
Television 79.04
Total   179.03
Now its around 145.00

We are saving around 34.00 a month switching to Time Warner Cable, but with the amount of money they paid for the Dodgers and how other programming providers are milking all video content providers for money, I do expect the savings to be eliminated in the next two to three years.

Hopefully Time Warner or our new cable overlords Charter Cable do not scare us away. Only thing I do not like about Dish Network is that they have to use contracts for new customers or equipment upgrades. I wish pay television was not a pain as it is now.

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