Norma Torres Not Listening

Senator Norma Torres needs to be responsive of her constituents. Our State Senator has a cavalier attitude when it deals with her political Facebook page. I could understand if it is her personal Facebook page where she might want to post pictures of her family and pets. However when you are a representative of the people, the constituents from all walks of life would like to communicate to their representative.

Elected officials should not expect a Facebook or Twitter environment to be 24/7 pep rallies. Norma represents more people than her fan club, including the people who voted for her opponents and she should be more inclusive to the ideas that her constituents may have.  Even though the ideas the constituents have may not be in line with her personal feelings, she needs to learn how to be a good listener.

Purging people off her political page may be her own personal right, but it only makes our State Senator look rather shallow.  People are getting booted from interacting because they have honest disagreements with the legislator’s legislation or policy agenda. Constituents do not want to visit politicians social media pages if it’s just a one way conversation. The constituents of the 32nd State Senate District want a dialogue, not an echo chamber.

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