If We Are Going to Surrender Why Play?

The first major election of Top 2 proved that the Republican Party is not a factor in California Politics. I had to endure a D v D race in Congressional District 35. Choosing between Gloria Negrette Mcleod and Joe Baca was like if you wanted to be shot or beaten by a baseball bat.

The Munger/Maldonado idea of Top 2 was one of the worst ideas for the Republican Party. Many seats did not have a Republican running because many felt that if we are not going to make it in the Top 2 runoff where the Republican was eliminated in AD 50 (Santa Monica), why spend the $955-$1740 to run for office for the filing fee.

However by crowding the ballot with a Republican we could force the Democratic Party to spend twice as much money to try and earn Republican support. Gloria did make visits to Tea Party groups and Joe Baca spoke about his NRA support, but aside from that it was only symbolism over substance.

I am not expecting hundred thousand dollar expenditures even if the California Republican Party and its county parties become better in being fiscally sound. However I would like to see filing fees reimbursed  and ballot statements paid for the general election at the bare minimum.

Many of us find sitting in the bleachers and watching the Democratic Party killing off industry in our state repulsing. We do not want to surrender without a fight.

Here are my solutions to modify the state elections code.

a. Revise Proposition 14 to allow for political parties to nominate a candidate for the Top 2 primary if individuals do not jump in the fray.

b. If no candidate runs in a legislative district or drops their partisan affiliation in the middle of a term in a central committee (ex: Nathan Fletcher, Paul Leon), the committee with the largest amount of voters would be able to vote on a replacement member that would inherit state and county central committee members. I wanted to be appointed to CD-35 on the central committee, but since I didn’t get the $1740 to run, I was not able to be on the committee.

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