Our Chicago Like Board of Supervisors

Our San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors needs to become more responsive to the constituents of our county.The inherent contempt of the constituents makes it more insulting to be represented by them. The way our board members navigate through rules and procedure to say they are following the rules makes me wonder if we are in Cook County, Illinois such as how they added responsibilities to County Operating Officer Greg Devereaux that were questionable according to our county charter.

The non-interference clause makes me wonder why voters in San Bernardino County voted against Measure R, if our county supervisors do not want to advocate for their constituents and leave them at the mercy of the departments in our county then why are we paying them their full time wages? It would be like your congress member's staff not helping with Social Security or immigration issues

In 2014, Janice Rutherford and Gary Ovitt's successor needs to be asked the tough questions before you consider them with your vote. We deserve a county government we can be proud of.