Remember When Holidays Were Sacred?

In the quest to make a buck, retailers are open on Thanksgiving Day. It has been over four years since I wrote my previous column. I do not expect people to not shop on Thanksgiving, but what about family? It used to be 5-10pm when we were originally open, now it is 4pm-11pm. I think in the next six years the store will be open 24/7 until Friday at 11pm like how the Ontario Mills is open at 10pm on Thanksgiving and closed 10pm the next day. Sadly our competitor that is building a new store across the street will be closed on Thanksgiving, but at least they have good taste compared to other retailers these days.  I implore people to shop online on Thanksgiving and consider shopping on Friday or even Saturday depending on personal preference.  There has been numerous petitions to encourage businesses to reconsider their plans to be open that day, but frankly they will not listen unless people stop shopping.

When my father did retail in the 1970s, stores were closed on New Year’s Day, now they are open that day and people do not think twice that stores are open on New Year’s Day. It makes me hoping I can escape the retail industry and become a public school teacher soon. I have two more semesters left in my program and I am hoping to have a decent future. Perhaps with California’s tax and spend future the economy will crash so I will just learn to hold the line on consumption.

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