We Deserve a la carte channel pricing

The sentiments I have been stating on the Dish Network Facebook page have been amplified. Los Angeles Times columnist David Lazarus has promoted the idea of a la carte pricing to help solve the crisis with Viacom and AMC for DirecTV and Dish Network respectively.

Content providers force feed their entire assortment to the programming distributors making the cost of providing the programming more expensive which helps drive our bills up. Viacom is deceiving customers by counting their east coast and west coast feeds and their HD channels as separate channels telling customers they have 26 channels that they could lose when Viacom only has 15 main channels on the DirecTV platform.

Because distributors have to carry the minor channels that have little or no interest, we are kept hostage where AMC has been removed from Dish Network and no Comedy Central for the DirecTV folk. In an a la carte world, we would choose the channels we want to pay for. Unfortunately as what Lazarus states “the typical viewer watches about 17 channels on a regular basis”.

Perhaps there would be incentives for us to add channels like WE which is part of the AMC network family that Dish Network is not really keen to carry or incentives for people to add Logo or Palladia if you are a Viacom customer from DirecTV.

If Canada can try out a la carte pricing, we should be required to offer this to help reduce bill creep where an average programming package and 2 receivers cost almost over 80 dollars now.

I would like to encourage readers to contact your US Congress member and your US Senators to make sure we can get some reform happening. We should not be required to pay for programming that is rarely watched. To update Bruce Springsteen’s song it feels like there are 257 channels and there is nothing on.

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