Statewide Plastic Bag Ban

The California state legislature is going to make my job harder at the retail store I work at. Plastic bags might be banned statewide due to Assemblywoman Julia Brownley’s AB 298. This is going to make trips to any store a challenge. People are concerned about plastic bags and their 500 years to biodegrade, but the problem is local cities make it hard as possible to recycle them. If we could put our plastic bags in the blue bins in our city recycling containers or have partnerships with recycling centers to have it possible to bring in your plastic bags to be reused then maybe we can have our plastic bags for the time being.

The plastic bag industry may be right on one aspect, lets try recycling first before banning the bag. Plastic bags are convinent, require less energy to produce than paper bags and will least likely give off bacteria due to people not washing their cloth bags as needed.

Call your state legislator and tell them to consider recycling of plastic bags instead of banning the plastic bag.

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