Is It a Conspiracy?

Woke up this morning and found out that I have no dial tone. Was it an unpaid bill? No, the bill was paid. Maybe it was the cats on the roof chewing the wires. Maybe it was Verizon’s crack team of ninjas hacking into our wires to force us on to FIOS.

Sadly the Verizon service technicians visits come in long obscene windows which makes you prisoner in your own home from 8am to 8pm which I find very unacceptable. Instead of a 12 hour window, an 8 hour window would be more acceptable.

I like copper wires because in case of an emergency you still can use your phone, but with FIOS and cable you only get eight hours of backup power. With copper phone service we can use fax machines and dialup modems easily, with FIOS you can not as well.

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