Ontario’s Anti-Fireworks Ordinance Is a Toothless Feel Good Solution

The Fourth of July is not a fun time if you choose to stay at home instead of going to a fireworks display. For the next 8-12 hours until July 5th it becomes Fallujah reinvested. There is a 1000 dollar violation for the possession of fireworks, but people all over my six block radius could care less because the enforcement is not there or not even visible.

I think the best solution is to lift the ban and have a rule stating if children, animals or property get injured due to fireworks there would be double the penalty involved. Sparklers are tame and I am not going to nit pick on that, but it’s the airborne stuff that should be targeted. My father said it might be Munoz Park or Chaffey High School doing a show, but I do not see any of them listed having a fireworks show on Google or Bing. It is most likely the smuggled stuff from Nevada.

I recognize that fireworks are second nature to most Americans as moms and apple pie, but there is a time and a place for fireworks and that is with a licensed pyrotechnic specialist at a local park or stadium.

Unless the city of Ontario wants to enforce their laws they should scrap this law off the books and remove the signs thru the city limits.

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