Restaurant Review

I decided to visit Johnson’s Hot Dogs in Upland. Previously this business was home to a smoothie shop, but since the major chains made smoothies less unique another entrepreneur decided to make a hot dog store.

I was curious to see if this business would be a winner, but for now it seems to be a weiner right now. My father and myself decided to order two of their hot dogs, The Cheesy Coney and the New York Deli Dog. We were both very under satisfied with our selections. For the Cheesey Coney it seemed like a normal hot dog with a normal sized bun covered with modest cheese and chili. Sadly you get more of a deal at Sonics for almost 1.50 less. I did decide to make my meal into a combo and the fries tasted better than the hot dog. There are ways to make it less of an underdog such as a bigger bun with the regular sized dog and slightly increased toppings for the same price.

The New York Deli Dog was the same thing, for $5 it was very over stated for the price. Normal sized bun and normal sized dog with modest sauerkraut. This first impression made me not want to make a return visit for awhile.

With this economy I do not want a restaurant to go out of business or have to face the reality of being on the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible in the next two years, but I feel like speaking out might help the Johnson family improve their business.

Positives: Good ambiance, good fries.

Negatives: Overpriced for the food offered.

Johnson’s Hot Dogs,  813-A W. Foothill Blvd. Upland, CA 91786

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