Dish Network Without AMC

Today is July 1st and Dish Network got disconnected from AMC. My sister loves their programs, but I am only the person paying the bill. So this means no Breaking Bad, Mad Men or Walking Dead for the millions of Dish Network customers.

So what are you going to do my fellow Dish Network customers? If you are still under a contract like myself and countless others we have to use workarounds from visiting torrents or getting legal copies of programs from Amazon or iTunes.

Is it about AMC being greedy due to having three or four successful programs? Is it about a jilted business deal about HDTV programming with Dish Network? Perhaps it is about both issues that makes it a bloody mess.

Just be careful if you switch content providers, because they can also have contract problems just as much as AT&T U-Verse having problems with AMC recently, but they did kiss and make up.

My contract ends on August 6th and Dish Network might lose me if they do not negotiate properly with AMC.

Until then fire up your XBOX 360 or Playstation 3 and buy your programs a la carte.

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