It Can Only Get Better

Started my first phone call with my WGU mentor. Got a brief overview about expectations and the process. I think it will be manageable. Despite the bad economy for public school teachers, I would like to have a career that has a better future than the retail store I work for that has canceled out many of the full time jobs they had available and most of the workforce is basically part time workers with low hours allocated for.

Things can only get better, as what the song on the video I posted above can allude to.

I want to inspire young people, use my writing skills to put out great instructional units and lectures in Economics, Geography, Government and History. I also aspire to perhaps get myself a MA in History to supplement my career as a future educator and writer.

I honestly do not want to speed it up where two semesters get consolidated into one where I would get to demonstration teaching by January. Even though saving $3035 would be priceless, I would like to save my sanity and do it right.

Personally I do not want to do student teaching at Chaffey High School, but I would not mind the possibility of working for the school in the future. It would be cool to have my former Geometry teacher as my boss.

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