Discrimination Sucks

Even though California voters defeated a ban on LGBT educators from teaching in 1978, and California legislators wrote legislation against employment discrimination of LGBT employees in the public and private sectors, discrimination still does happen. Even though it may not be obvious, it does happen under the table.

There is an infamous case of employment discrimination in Covina, California in the Charter Oak Unified School District. A water polo assistant coach Mitch Stein got dismissed because a parent objected to photos in the assistant coach’s Facebook profile. Just because he associates with drag queens and eats corndogs in ‘suggestive’ ways does not mean that he should be thrown out instantaneously. Even Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann ate corndogs in ‘suggestive’ ways as well when they were campaigning in Iowa.

There is a double standard in the school district where if a straight teacher or staff member gets married it gets advertised on the school electronic billboard, but if you announce it to your students you get yelled to keep your personal life quiet.

Former Assistant Coach Stein was doing great, parents and students both loved his coaching ability. But a jilted parent who was upset that his kid was taken off the team retaliated by sending a missive  to the principal of the school. Unfortunately there is a double standard where straight people have one standard and LGBT people have another standard in this school district.

Hopefully there will be an amicable resolution at Charter Oak High School and the school district itself. Discrimination sucks and is a violation of the law in our state.

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