Some Words Are Very Unnecessary

I may agree with Dan Savage that Mitt Romney may not be the most exceptional candidate for president. I may agree with Dan as well that LGBT community organizations teaming up with Mitt Romney may not be a good thing for the community where they would be portrayed as house slaves.

I however disagree with Dan in the use of the f- word, that word used to describe homosexual people in a very derogatory matter. The f- word is just as infamous as its cousin the n-word. Even though we have the privilege of using the words as long as we are members of the respective demographic groups we need to strive for a higher standard and avoid using these words as weapons on each other even if people in groups such as Go Proud and Log Cabin may want to support Romney as their choice despite his retrograde viewpoints on the LGBT community.

Romney once said he would be even more friendly than Ted Kennedy on LGBT issues back in 1994, but it seemed it was a dog and pony show in order to attain power. Romney may have been somewhat consistent as governor, but to run for President he had to jump in bed with the National Organization of Marriage and buddy up with his friends in his church to donate money for Proposition 8 which angered many in the LGBT community.

Just as how our bullies when we were young used the f- word on us, we should aim higher and use better words instead of the pungent lexicon of the gutter. Dan Savage might have been similar to Howard Stern in his approach, but when you are one of the spokespeople for safe schools and end to harassment of young queer people, the f-word should be honestly avoided.

I do not know what Mitt Romney will pledge to Independents and other groups who might want to cross over for his campaign, but if Romney is going to go backwards for the LGBT community, it might be better to consider supporting other quality alternatives such as voting for Gary Johnson who values personal and economic liberty.

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