Libraries Not Jails

Cities such as Pomona, California are facing the cold reality that their public library will need to shutter their doors to balance their budget after draining their budgetary reserves for several years.

In Pomona it might be a critically fatal decision from the city council to close the doors down due to removing the benefits a library may provide for its community. A place where young people could get help for their homework, for people without computer access to get connected to the world, reading assistance to those who do not know how to read and other various services our libraries provide.

Unfortunately one of the first things Governor Brown did in 2011 when he became our governor again was to capitulate to the prison guards union to give them the best contract out of all the public service employees in our state. Perhaps if we were not in the business of jailing a sizable number of our population we would have the funds to pay for the public libraries. This is one reason why I am supporting three strikes reform.

Keeping our children off the streets is a positive aspect. Warehousing our youth in jails is an unproductive waste of money.

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