Crushed By The Wheels Of Efficiency

In retail making sure the customer gets a fast and friendly checkout is the main goal for customer satisfaction. If customers have to wait excess time it reduces the drive for the customer to make a repeat purchase which inhibits the profitability of a store.

The retail chain I work for decided to score the people on the cash register to make sure our efficiency is proficient. It has been hit or miss for me for the last six months, recently I have been hitting the target for the last three weeks with a 91, 102 and 112 percent scores. I am pleasantly surprised. However I do believe I am doing things right, but due to the store manager making it high stakes where the lowest scoring employee who fails to get 90 percent gets low hours we are getting the message.

I would like to see our score displayed like how Target does this for their employees so we can know when we are performing correctly and when we are not doing the job properly we would know when to step it up and do the best job we can for our customers.

I have one more day for my work week and I hope to get a fourth week of a passing score.

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