No Dialogue Received Yet

I tried to start a dialogue with Chaffey College in an effort to save money by emailing one of the governing board members and recently sending a form email to the Chaffey College Superintendent/President, but it seems like nothing will happen until an insurgent reformer gets elected. Our incumbent governing board members may like it that low turnout elections make it easy for them to be re-elected, but we are wasting big money that could be used in keeping class sections open so we can get more people graduating and make more room for new students.

I know it might take a few days for the college president to reply back, but it seems it would take the governing board to get the fortitude to get some action happening. I may need to attend the meeting on June 28th if possible to air my comments.

If we can make it less likely for a dream to be deferred then that is what we need to do.

Also I would like to see the drop rate for particular instructors, if students are dropping from a particular instructor where students end up having to give up on the class or repeating it with a different instructor we should find out why and how so we can get students to successfully pass their classes and save the college money by teaming up with the success center or utilize supplemental instruction in particular classes of note. Even though some instructors are tenured and they could do whatever they please, they are costing the college money when students drop out. With a lack of funding we need to make sure we are spending our money efficiently.

Our current board members are doing fairly well, but it seems they may need to be led to do what is right for the students and the taxpayers of our communities.

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