Going Through The Archives Open Thread

There is a letter I wrote to the Chaffey Breeze that was never published back in September of last year. I decided to backdate it to the time I sent it to them for our readers to read. This is one of the many issues I would cover in a reform campaign for Chaffey College board member.

Also, is it a good idea to get a second opinion when you go to the dentist? My sister said she needed like 3-4 doses of the deep cleaning medicine when she last went to the dentist I currently go to, but this other dentist she went to said she was in decent dental health. Its hard to trust medical practitioners these days. I know dentists want to make money like anyone else, but there should be a balance between raping their clients pocketbooks and only offering what people honestly need.

Also feel free to visit my twitter account @thinktank79 for any random asides I may be sharing.

Consider this posting an open thread. If you have any suggestions of topics to cover let me know.

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